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8 November 2021

November Message from the CRC’s KAIROS Representatives

It would be very difficult to exaggerate the tremendous power in the energy experienced during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of KAIROS.

From early October 26th to late October 29th, together, First Nation Peoples, Inuit, Métis, partners in the South and the North shared stories and struggles, recognized the moments of Life and acknowledged the darkness. All that makes up KAIROS, the movement of Indigenous, settlers and newcomers in Canada, people of faith or conscience all over the world, working for ecological justice and human rights came into stark relief via zoom. We celebrated!

The evening of Wednesday, October 27th, a large number from coast to coast joined us and members of the steering committee in a liturgy of thanksgiving, made up of Scripture reading, remembering those who gave their lives, contrition for sins of colonization and white supremacy and words of assurance. Every piece was ground in our dreams for the future in HOPE.

By the time you read this message those who spent time in Scotland working with the Conference of the Parties, COP26 will have returned home. COP26 promised to be a moment for the people, the planet and justice.

It is now left to us, KAIROS and all people of faith and conscience to keep on keeping on. We are one.

If you have not yet become a member of KAIROS, we encourage you to do so. We continue to be honoured to represent the CRC on the KAIROS steering committee.

Sr. Pauline Lally, SP & Sr. Maura McGrath, CND