Staff and Services

Composed of lay people and religious, the Montreal-based staff is divided among several complementary services to respond to the mission of the CRC:

  • Direction
  • Mission
  • Communications
  • Donations Priority (Quebec only)
  • Administration/Finance

The offices of the CRC organize and coordinate various events around theological, social and/or environmental themes. These events focus primarily on accompanying CRC members and partners in their commitments within their congregation and the society at large.

Executive Director
Alain Ambeault, CSV
Clerics of Saint Viator
Assistant to the Executive Director
Isabelle Coté
Executive Assistant - Mission
Sabrina Di Matteo
Executive Assistant - Mission
Danielle Julien, FMIC
Executive Assistant - Communication
Yves Deschênes
Executive Assistant - Donations Priority
Renée Ntagungira, OMMI
Executive Assistant - Finance
Nathalie Gauthier