Administrative Council

The members of the Administrative Council are elected every two years at the CRC General Assembly. The last Assembly was held in May 2023.

See below the eight new members of the Council:

President and Atlantic Representative
Brendalee Boisvert, CSM
Sisters of Saint Martha of Antigonish
General Superior
In office since 2014
Pierre Charland, OFM
Provincial Minister
In office since 2017
Secretary Treasurer​
Francine Landreville, CND
Congrégation de Notre-Dame
Provincial Counsellor
In office since 2023
Counsellor (Ontario)
Joan Atkinson, CSJ
Congregation of Sisters of St Joseph in Canada
In office since 2023
Counsellor (Ontario)
Louise Madore, FDLS
Daughters of wisdom
Local Superior
In office since 2019
Counsellor (Quebec)
Mario Houle, FIC
Brothers of Christian Instruction
In office since 2015
Anne Hemstock, SP
Sisters of Providence
Congregational counsellor
In office since 2017
Counsellor (West)
John Mary Sullivan, FSE
Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
In office since 2015