Established in 1954, the Canadian Religious Conference brings together the leaders of 240 Catholic congregations of women and men religious in Canada.

The mission of the CRC is to be at the service of its members and of the Canadian Church in a discerning and prophetic way.

The Canadian Religious Conference (CRC) is both a voice for and a service to leaders of religious institutes and societies of apostolic life. The mission of the CRC is to encourage its members to live fully their vocation in following Christ. The CRC supports its members in their prophetic witness to justice and peace within society and the church. The CRC looks for audacious ways of interpreting faith and life so as to embrace the new vision of the universe.

Mission statement adopted in 2010


Be the national organization for Canadian leaders of Catholic religious communities in their service to the Church and society.


  • 1. To help its members carry out their role of leadership and promote consecrated life.
  • 2. To foster an appropriate and close collaboration among its members with the laity, and with ecclesial authorities.
  • 3. To establish suitable coordination and cooperation with Episcopal conferences and with individual bishops.
  • 4. To assist its members in their relationships with civil authorities.

Logo of the CRC

Designed in 2016, the CRC logo combines the mission and devotion of religious women and men working towards peace and justice – symbolised here by a dove. Each of the coloured quadrants surrounding the dove represents the relationships, discussions and the exchange of knowledge that is at the heart of the CRC’s mission- for consecrated and their associates.

The dove’s wings join and form a cross – a reference the Christian faith of the CRC. The dove looks to the right, representing the future and the hope with which consecrated women and men accept change and contemplate their future. This is represented by the chosen typography (or font) which combines modernity and stability.

The blue color symbolises the presence of religious communities from one coast to other, the connection with the Cosmos and refers to the baptismal water– the foundation of Christian faith. It represents peace, calm, serenity, balance, freshness as well as sensibility and harmony.

The green color expresses the CRC’s wish to protect Creation to which all humankind is linked. It also symbolises the hope of religious women and men in life and our future. Furthermore, it represents elements such as nature, living things, hope, optimism, evolution, energy and renewal.