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25 March 2017

A new website for the CRC

The Canadian Religious Conference recently unveiled its new visual identity which includes a new logo, various communication tools and a redesigned website. The makeover of crc-canada.org in the colors of the new logo was created by Webit Interactive. Its modern design enables a renewed exploration of the CRC and of consecrated life in Canada. The main menu regroups information into four categories:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Calendar of Activities
  • News & Resources

This reorganization makes the navigation simpler and more enjoyable. All essential content has been forwarded from the previous CRC’s Website. Moreover, this new tool is responsive whatever device you use to navigate on Internet (smartphone, tablet or computer).

At the top of each page is the choice of language, the ability to search by keywords and the Facebook and Twitter buttons. To return to the home page, simply click on the CRC logo. At any time, it is possible to register to receive the CRC Bulletin and the Newsletter electronically. Do not hesitate to send us your questions and comments through the Contact Us button at the bottom of each page on the website.

Menu Overview

In Who we are the sub-menus are: Mission, CRC Council, Theological Commission, Communities, Statistics and History. One of the main innovations is an interactive map that identifies the location of CRC members.

The menu What we do presents our various services: JPIC, Ongoing Formation, Communication, Donations Priority.

Next, we have Calendar of Activities which features the activities offered by each of the CRC services. It also includes information on the past and future General Assembly (if any). In the Other submenu, there is a directory of activities on consecrated life and social justice organized by associations other than the CRC.

News & Resources: this section of the site is very informative. In addition to the news on the home page, CRC publications have their own submenu: Bulletin and Newsletter (known as CRC Link). The resources component includes videos, documentations related to the priorities of the CRC, and a bibliography of books on consecrated life and social justice. Media contents are also featured in this section. Lastly, the Religious of the day biographies that were on the previous website have been forwarded here. A new feature on the main page automatically displays the biography of the honoured Religious of the day.