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9 June 2015

CRC Bulletin, Volume 12, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2015

The Year of Consecrated Life provides a good opportunity to stop and reflect on religious life. It is the main topic of this issue of the CRC Bulletin. The articles present different aspects of consecrated life: The thoughts of Pope Francis on the dynamics of religious life and its relationship to the Church today; consecrated celibacy; the evolution of the forms of commitment and presence in our world; the enhancement and development of a stronger culture of vocations; the meaning of consecrated life for a “newer community.”

To access the entire CRC Bulletin click on this link: CRC Bulletin, Volume 12, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2015

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Pope Francis on Religious Life
By Timothy Scott, CSB

Embracing Absence: A Trinitarian Spirituality of Consecrated Celibacy
By Darren Dias, OP

Love Is What Carries Us
By Margo Ritchie, CSJ

The Hope and Promise of New Life
By Mary Rowell, CSJ

Consecrated Life… as Lived by the Famille Marie-Jeunesse
By Jacinthe Allard, FMJ, and Solène Garneau, FMJ