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9 March 2017

UISG Migrants Project

UISG wants gradually establish an international network connecting congregations that work in the field of migration.

“This network will be at the service of the congregations that wish to avail of it. It will help hopefully to answer the new challenges of migration in the 21st century. It will also be a network of encouragement and support for religious congregations working with migrants. It will accompany and encourage those congregations who would like to enter thus ministry.”

More precisely, this international network connecting congregations that work in the field of migration is aimed at:

  • “Share information about migrants, refugees, displaced peoples…
  • Develop reflection processes on the phenomenon of migration and to explore the implication for formation and education within religious congregations.
  • Discover and to get to know what is already in place: the responses already implemented by congregations
  • Listen to people working directly with migrants, to learn from them especially from their experiences of in the field; to work hand in hand with them and to offer mutual support.
  • Link sisters working in sending countries with those involved in countries of arrival.
  • Pool and offer resources (documents, speakers, funding agencies …)
  • Start a small platform in order to offer formation and advice through resource persons already identified
  • Raise awareness among congregations and their institutions (schools, hospitals, pastoral centers, etc.…), about the need to take into consideration the growing multicultural dimension of our contemporary globalized world
  • Encourage and coordinate reflection on these new challenges and responses.
  • Stimulate the creation of new inter-congregational projects in different parts of the world at the service of migrants.
  • Strengthen cooperation with international, civil and religious, organizations and educational institutions working in the field of migration.”

Source: UISG Newsletter