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28 May 2019

The Ursuline Sisters of Chatham Announce Collaboration With Jarlette Health Services


Attentive To The Signs Of The Times

For 159 years, the Ursuline Sisters have lived and worked in Chatham Kent. Mother Xavier Le Bihan and her companions arrived in May, 1860 at the request of the people of Chatham and were soon involved in education and other areas of ministry. Now, with a population of 64 sisters, they find themselves at a crossroad.

The Sisters remain attentive to the collective spirit among them as they discern the way forward. “We recognize and remain convinced that the Spirit continues to invite us each day to live fully,” says Community Leader, Sister Theresa Campeau. “Our rootedness in God’s call has afforded us a deep sense of freedom and has led us to make the decision to, in time, sell our property, Villa Angela, and rent back living space. This decision also supports our collective desire to remain in Chatham-Kent and to continue to be active in the area long into the future,” Campeau adds.

The collective hope of the Sisters was to find a potential purchaser who held similar values with a care focused core purpose and they identified in Jarlette Health Services an organization which could be part of the way forward.

“In conversation, we quickly recognized that we, the Ursulines, and Jarlette Health Services together, endeavour to follow in the footsteps of our founders, and remain committed to those we serve in a spirit of openness, devotion and compassion,” Sister Theresa states. After many months of exploration and negotiation, the Ursuline Sisters are now preparing for a final review of a proposed sale and rent back agreement with Jarlette Health Services which they believe will allow them to continue to respond to the needs of the times with new and innovative approaches.

“As we prepare to let go of the ownership of Villa Angela, we believe that our call to be a compassionate presence and witness to the Gospel will continue to be our motivation and purpose in life,” Campeau continues. “The freedom of the moment enables us to dream a new future for ourselves as we continue to be present and active in the Chatham-Kent area, and wherever our Sisters may find themselves ministering,” she concludes.

Press Inquiries & Opportunities
Theresa Campeau, osu
Community Leader
Ursuline Sisters, Chatham
20 Merici Way
Chatham, ON N7L 3L8
T: (519) 352-5225 ext. 1019

About the Ursulines Sisters of Chatham

In the early twentieth century, the Ursuline Sisters expanded throughout southwestern Ontario, moving to new locations, establishing houses and staffing elementary, secondary, post-secondary educational institutions and music schools. Eventually their ministries took them across Canada and to international sites. Along with other communities of religious women, they are responsible for the building up of the Catholic School system. The groundbreaking work of the Ursulines led to the establishment of Brescia University College, Canada’s only university college for women, Glengarda School in Windsor, which then became Glengarda Child and Family Services.

About Jarlette Health Services

Jarlette Health Services prides itself on a commitment to excellence and innovation, as it aspires to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others and continue with the family-centric tradition of care that was established almost 50 years ago. With its signature Comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement programs, as well as Accreditation for all 20 Retirement Lodges and Long Term Care Homes, Jarlette Health Services takes pride in the many ways it aims to set the pace for industry standards. In tandem with the Organization’s devotion to its Residents, Jarlette Health Services has built a heritage of mutually rewarding, long-term relations with its tight-knit employees and the communities it serves.