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4 November 2019

“Sisterhood”: The testimony of the Sœurs Auxiliatrices

World Premiere! “Sisterhood”, a documentary about the Soeurs Auxiliatrices du Québec, will be presented at the Official Selection for the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM 2019), on Sunday, November 17, 2019, at 5:45 p.m. (in French with English subtitles).

Show and ticketsridm.ca/en/films/ainsi-soient-elles


Quebec has a complex relationship with the Catholic Church, and the eight nuns of the small community seen in Maxime Faure’s first feature are well aware of the painful past. As both believers and feminists, the Soeurs Auxiliatrices du Québec don’t have faith in the male-dominated Church. These long-time activists, average age 84, support abortion rights, social justice and international solidarity. Between glasses of wine and a speech by their idol, Manon Massé, sisters Gisèle, Suzanne, Marie-Paule and Nicole talk about the struggle against patriarchy and the legacy they want to leave. They are determined, generous and irresistible.


The first snow falls on Quebec. As the disappearance of their small religious community looms, the Helper Nuns begin sorting through their life — a lifetime of struggles. These valiant all-terrain militants, who believe in God but not in a Church dominated by men, have spent years and years campaigning for women’s rights, social justice and international solidarity. Basically, a precious heritage that Gisèle, Marie-Paule, Nicole, Suzanne and their fellow sisters are preparing to leave behind. Between apprehension about death, outbursts of laughter and meals washed down with wine, these dignified free women live the meaning of sisterhood to the full. Until the very end.

Trailer (French version)

AINSI SOIENT-ELLES (2019) | trailer from Les films du balibari on Vimeo.


Director: Maxime Faure
Distribution: Les Films du 3 Mars (independant cinema distributor based in Montreal, Quebec)
Nationality: France, Quebec/Canada
Duration: 75 min + 52 min
Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/ainsisoientelleslefilm

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