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30 August 2016

New elections among the CRC members

If August generally means holidays, some CRC members were indeed holding their General Chapter. The election of a new leadership team is the culmination of a process which, directly or indirectly, involves all the religious of a congregation.

Following these gathering, new Councils have been elected.

Sisters of Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours
July 2016

– Sister Madeleine Fillion, General superior (1st mandate)
Sister Nolia Andréa Alcántara, Councillor (1st mandate)
– Sister Lise Desrochers, Councillor (2nd mandate)
– Sister Yolande Blier, Councillor (1st mandate)
– Sister Eulalia Reyes, Councillor (1st mandate)

Sisters of Charity of Ottawa
July 2016

– Sister Rachelle Watier, General Leader
– Sister Jeannette Roussy, General assistant
– Sister Claricia Gramarin, Councillor
– Sister Mayumi Kida, Councillor
– Sister Veronica Massa, Councillor

Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame
August 2016

– Sister Agnes Campbell, Congregation Leader 
– Sister Ercilia Janeth Ferrera Erazo, Councillor, Associate to the Congregation Leader
– Sister Ona Bessette, Councillor
– Sister Danielle Dubois, Councillor
– Sister Sophie Mbougoum, Councillor

The new leadership team is elected for a five (5) year term. In the 97th General Chapter of their history, the Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame gathered under the theme “Rooted in Jesus Christ, Let Us Cultivate Love and Compassion.” During this assembly, they reflected on the orientations which the new leadership team will implement during their term in office.

Daughters of Jesus (Filles de Jésus)
August 2016

– Sister​ Micheline Cormier​, General Leader
– Sister Marie-Annick Morice, Councillor
– Sister Irma Sanchez, Councillor
– Sister Colette Gélinas, Councillor
– Sister Patricia Guillet, Councillor

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
August 2016

– Sister Linda Haydock, Congregational Leader
– Sister Lorna Cooney, Councillor
– Sister Mary Ellen Holohan, Councillor
– Sister Kathleen Ross, Councillor

Congrégation of the Sisters of Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil de Chicoutimi
August 2016

– Sister​ Hélène Gagnon, General Leader
– Sister Marie-Paule Lévêque, Councillor
– Sister Céline Fredette, Councillor
– Sister Monique Angers, Councillor
– Sister Gisèle Boulet, Councillor

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada​
September 2016

– Sister Margo Ritchie, Congregational Leader
– Sister Joyce Murray, Assistant Congregational Leader
– Sister Anne Karges, Councillor
– Sister Nancy Sullivan, Councillor
– Sister Sheila Fortune, Councillor

The CRC congratulates Sister Madeleine Fillion, Sister Rachel Watier, Sister Agnes Campbell, Sister Micheline Cormier, Sister Linda Haydock, Sister Hélène Gagnon and Sister Margo Ritchie recently elected General Superiors of their communities for their appointement and their commitment.

May God help the in their mission and our prayers support them, with the Holy Spirit, in their ministry within the world and he Church.