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2 August 2016

New Congregational Leadership Teams

In the course of the summer months, a number of General Chapters were held by religious congregations, members of the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC). During these special gatherings, the delegates of religious congregations elect new leadership teams for a mandate of five to six years. They are entrusted with the mission to guide their congregations in implementing the decisions that were taken.

Here are the results of the elections that took place during these chapters:

Religieuses de Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur
May 2016

Sister Agnès Léger, superior general
Sister Stella Arsenault, first assistant general
Sister Judith Fitzgerald, second assistant general
Sister Céline Belliveau, third assistant general – newly elected, the youngest of the community
Sister Thérèse Belliveau, fourth assistant general – newly elected.

Soeurs de Sainte-Marthe de Saint-Hyacinthe
June 2016

Sister Jeannette Dugré, superior general
Sister Françoise Boulais, s.m.s.h., assistant general
Sister Pauline Johnson, councillor

Sisters of Charity of Montréal, “Grey Nuns”
July 2016

Sister Aurore Larkin, congregational leader
Sister Elaine Baete, congregational assistant
Sister Juliette Thévenot, congregational treasurer and councillor
Sister Thérèse Desfossés, congregational assistant and councillor

Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary
July 2016

Sister Kathleen Mulchay (United States) superior general (second mandate)
Sister Lise Lavallée (Canada), councillor and assistant general (second mandate)
Sister Paule-Marie Ndjom (Cameroun), councillor and secretary general
Sister Susana Teruel (Argentine), councillor (second mandate)
Sister Hélène Baillargeon (Canada), general treasurer

The CRC congratulates Sister Agnès Léger, Sister Jeannette Dugré, Sister Aurore Larkin, and Sister Kathleen Mulchay for their nomination as superior generals and for their commitment to serve as leaders of their congregations.

May the Lord accompany them in their leadership ministry.