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23 May 2019

Inauguration of a new exhibition in the SNJM archives: Access to education

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) have officially opened their new archives exhibition, open to the public until February 7, 2020. This year, the theme focuses on the issue of access to education for girls, an issue that remains to this day, as evidenced in the numerous signs of gender inequalities in education.

Sister Denise Riel, Provincial Animator of SNJM sisters of Québec, stated that “women account for two thirds of the 774 million illiterate adults in the world and that 130 million girls aged 6 to 17, receive no schooling at all.” Referring to the fact that girls have a greater risk of being denied access to school than boys, Sister Riel went on to say that “there was a time in Québec, and elsewhere in America, when the education of girls was considered unnecessary.”

Convinced, like her predecessors, that education is the driving force of social change, Sister Riel believes it is essential to make known the SNJM mission and to promote awareness in the struggle counteracting inequalities that exist in education today. The current exhibition is one of the many means to accomplish this goal.

An innovative vision of education

With the theme, Educating Young Women: at the Core of the SNJM Mission, this exhibition creatively blends past and present, revealing the visionary side of Eulalie Durocher and her companions. They were convinced that the education of girls and young women has a positive impact on furthering independence for women, improving the living conditions and health of families and contributing to the evolution of society.

Participants at the exhibition will learn of the innovative approach taken by SNJMs since their modest beginnings in 1843. As visitors walk through seven areas portraying themes such as the course of studies, the arts and teacher training, they will make surprising discoveries, particularly in three distinct settings exhibiting artifacts providing a real immersion experience. Those who wish may have their photograph taken as they sit in an SNJM classroom!

A museum open to all

The official opening of this new exhibition of archives also serves as the opening of the summer season for Marie-Rose Centre, a unique and varied museum. This museum, dedicated to the foundresses, includes the Foundation House, the chapel and the historic rooms where Mother Marie-Rose lived.

LReligious and architectural heritage enthusiasts can also enjoy an outdoor thematic walk. To learn more, make your reservations for a guided tour of the exhibition, or explore different elements of Marie-Rose Centre by calling 450 651-8104 extension 0 or emailing reception@snjm.org All activities take place at the Congregational House, located at 80, rue Saint-Charles Est, Longueuil.

Schedule: visits by appointment, during the year, Tuesday to Friday; during the summer season, Wednesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 4:00.

Marie-Rose Centre is a member of Saint Lawrence River Shrines, the only organization which has a religious heritage route in Québec combining a number of shrines.

Source: Odette Côté, SNJM Communications
450 651-8104, extension 1308

Website of the congregation: www.snjm.org