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15 February 2016

CRC Bulletin, Volume 13, Issue 1 – Winter 2016

The CRC Bulletin, Volume 13, Issue 1 – Winter 2016 is written by the members of the CRC Theological Commission. It is divided into two parts.

In 2015, four persons were invited by the members of the Commission to come and share with them their experience of intercultual living. At the end of the meeting, each of the four guests agreed to write a text that was intended to echo the session on intercultural living. These presentations form the first part of this Bulletin.

In the second part, you will find a more theological reflection by members of the Theological Commission on the theme: Consecrated Life and Intercultural Living.

To access the entire Bulletin, please click on this link: CRC Bulletin – Volume 13, Issue 1 – Winter 2016

To access each article separately, click on the underlined title.

PART 1: Echo of the Session on Intercultural Living

Interculturality: Challenges and Promise?
Introduction to the Bulletin by Lorraine Caza, CND

Religious Life: Fulfillment of the Being
By Pierre Tran Minh Bach, CSSR

Giving Voice: Contemplative Listening
By Alba Letelier, SP

Intercultural Living Experience: An Experience of Hurt and of Going-Out from Oneself!
By Jeanne Bashige, SFHELMET

The Church as Midwife of Religious Vocation
By Idara Otu, MSF

PART 2: Consecrated Life and Intercultural Living

On Earth as in Heaven
By Brother Antoine-Emmanuel, FMJ

From a Foreign Land to a Land of Humanization
By Carmelle Bisson, AMJ

Be, Beget, Be Gone
By Margaret Patricia Brady, OSB

Charism at the Heart of Intercultural Living
By Gaétane Guillemette, NDPS

Two Invitations to Intercultural Living: The Pentateuch and the Letters of Paul
By Louis Riverin, FMJ