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11 November 2014

CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 3 – Fall 2014

The Radical Welcoming of the Other is the central theme of this issue of the CRC Bulletin. This theme was chosen as a follow-up to the CRC 2014 General Assembly.

In the editorial, Sister Rita Larivée, SSA, states that “the CRC 2014 General Assembly challenged us to intercultural living and summoned us to navigate cultural boundaries for the sake of mission in our world today. Fr. Anthony J. Gittins, CSSP, emphasizes that invitation to and inclusion of community members from cultures that are not our own are not enough for today; we must arrive at radical welcome of the other within our midst.”

To access the entire CRC Bulletin click on this link: CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 3 – Fall 2014

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News briefs

The Challenge of Radical Welcoming of the Other
by Sister Rita Larivée, SSA

From Invitation to Radical Inclusion
by Anthony J. Gittins, CSSP, Ph.D.

Interculturality and Inculturation of Faith
by Timothy Scott, CSB

The Special Contribution of Contemplative Sisters within the CRC
by Sister Claire Marie Rolf, OP

A Look at the Intercultural Reality of Jesuit Communities in Quebec
by Jean-Marc Biron, SJ

Interculturality: Challenges of Today… Way of the Gospel… Colour of our Future…
by Kesta Occident, CSC

Cultural Diversity, a Treasure to Celebrate
by Mother Pierre-Anne Mandato, SCSM

Being Young and yet a Member of a Congregation Founded in the 17th Century
by Violaine Paradis, CND