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15 April 2014

CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 2 – Spring 2014

Who Are We Post-Vatican II Religious Now and Where Are We Headed? This is the theme of articles in this issue of the CRC Bulletin. This topic was the subject of regional meetings that took place from May 2013 to March 2014. Each meeting included a presentation by three panelists followed by a reflection inspired by the latter and the discussions that followed. These articles present highlights of what was said.

For each region, the articles are preceded by a text written by a member of the CRC Administrative Council. It gives an overview of the meeting that took place. Pages 3 and 4 are also worth reading. These pages give context to this issue of the Bulletin and present the most recent statistics.

To download the CRC Bulletin, click on this link: CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 2 – Spring 2014

Religious Life 50 Years after Vatican II: Who Have We Become?
Panel Presentation by Patricia Derbyshire, SCSL

“My Own Journey in Religious Life”
Panel Presentation by Joyce Harris, SSA

Who Have We Become?
Structural Changes, a Time of Transformation
Panel Presentation by Margaret Patricia Brady, OSB

“Key Insights, Emerging Directions”
Response by Sister Teresita Kambeitz, OSU

Life in Community: A “Voyage of Discovery”
Panel Presentation by Jean Goulet, CSC

Polarization and Justice: Why ‘Evolving Consciousness’ Matters
Panel Presentation by Sue Wilson, CSJ

Poverty, the Periphery, and Praise
Panel Presentation by Timothy Scott, CSB

Challenges and Directions for the Future
Response by Veronica O’Reilly, CSJ

“The Service of Leadership Has Enriched My Life”
Panel Presentation by France Croussette, AM

“My Commitment in Religious Life over the Years”
Panel Presentation by Gaétan Sirois, SC

The Renewal of Religious Life Is Ongoing
Panel Presentation by Gaétane Guillemette, NDPS

“Live the Parable of the Good Samaritan”
Response by Lorette Langlais, SBC

The Evolution of the Service of Leadership since Vatican II
Panel Presentation by Dolores Bourque, FMA

“Social Justice Is an Integral Pillar of My Faith”
Panel Presentation by Auréa Cormier, NDSC

Vatican II Religious: Who have we become?
Panel Presentation by Loraine d’Entremont, SC

Consecrated Life and the Image of the Butterfly – Weave with our God the Tapestry of the New Creation
Response by Elizabeth M. Davis, RSM