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18 May 2017

CRC Bulletin, Volume 14, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2017

In this issue, we explore two contemporary themes: welcoming others and of passing on our heritage.

Opening up to the other and welcoming the stranger leave no one indifferent in the context where refugees and immigrants are one of the most burning issues of our time. It involves its share of challenges, but also promises and hope.

The 375th anniversary of Montréal and the 150th anniversary of Canada are an opportunity to reflect on the importance of highlighting the history of religious congregations and their contribution to our country. What fundamental values and what heritage do we want to pass on to current and future generations?

Furthermore, we have changed the layout of the CRC Bulletin so that it reflects the new logo of the CRC.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments and reflections as you go about reading the articles.

To access the entire Bulletin, please click on the following link: CRC Bulletin – Volume 14, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer 2017

To access each article separately, click on the underlined title of your choice. All articles are in PDF format. Reproduction is allowed provided the author’s name and the source are properly attributed.

The Challenge of Interculturality in Today’s Context
Timothy Scott, csb

The Stranger: A Biblical Journey
Sébastien Doane

From Alienation to Communion
Sue Wilson, csj

Seeing Jesus in the “Stranger”
Richard Zanotti, cs

Learning to Become Peacemakers
Anne-Marie Savoie, rhsj

Receiving… Passing it on…
Lorraine Caza, cnd

Appointments with History
Micheline Marcoux, mic