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30 November 2016


The CRC would like to express its sincere condolences to the Sisters of Charity of Halifax following the death of Sister Marjory Gallagher who worked several years for the CRC. She died at 77 at the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Motherhouse on November 25, 2016. Born in L’Avenir, Quebec, on November 25, 1939, she was a daughter of James W. and Evelyn (Goggin) Gallagher. She earned her B.Ed. at the University of Sherbrooke in 1960 and taught for four years before entering the Sisters of Charity-Halifax on September 12, 1964. She made her perpetual profession on November 1, 1970.

Marjory’s ministry began as a teacher in Halifax. She taught for six years before beginning M. Ed. studies in French at the University of Alberta. In 1974 she returned to Nova Scotia, teaching there for the next 10 years. Marjory was a capable and creative teacher, always involved in student activities. She made life-long friends among students and colleagues.

Marjory’s field of ministry changed in 1985 when she began her years with the Canadian Religious Conference as Assistant to the General Secretary. There she discovered her next direction, and began studies in Canon Law at Saint Paul University. In 1995, she completed her doctorate in Canon Law and began her work of consultation, facilitation, and teaching at Saint Paul. This continued during and after a six-year term as Congregational Councillor/Secretary for her Congregation.

Marjory died after a short and unexpected illness. Attestations to the value of her ministry to religious life and the Church came from the UISG; her colleagues in canon law; and major superiors with whom she had worked. One letter summarizes all: “Many will remember with gratitude her compassion in her accompaniment of persons and congregations. She was a very gifted woman and shared those gifts widely.” A month before her death, Marjory was honoured by the Canadian Canon Law Society as the recipient of the Jean Thorn Canon Law Award of Merit for “her tremendous and remarkable contribution in Canon Law.”

Marjory died in Ottawa on November 25, 2016. After a Mass at the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Motherhouse, she was brought to Halifax for a final Mass and burial.

May God welcome her into the fullness of Life.