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COURSE: “Church and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples: Framing the Ecclesial and Theological Questions”

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Date & Time
7 June 2021, 9 h 30 min - 12 June 2021, 17 h 00 min


Course #

THO 3194/ 6302

Course facilitators

Prof. Peter Bisson, S.J.
Prof. Michel Andraos

Course description

The Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University is offering an intensive summer course on the churches and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. The focus of the course is to provide a brief historical background and an update on the state of the reconciliation process, and to frame the present pastoral and theological questions and challenges as well as the progress made since the final report of the TRC and the Calls to Action. About eighteen theologians, pastoral leaders, academics, and activists, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, are invited to share their reflections on this topic based on their experience, action, and research.

Offered in a one-week, intensive, online format, this course engages participants with Indigenous and non-Indigenous theological and pastoral voices, through live video presentations, discussions, and readings. In addition, the Indigenous resurgence and its implications for the churches and theology will also be discussed. The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to interested members of the public who do not need to take it for credit. It would be of particular benefit to pastoral agents in the churches ministering with Indigenous Peoples. The class will meet online twice a day, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday from June 7-12. Additional readings, online assignments, and small group discussion forums are required for students who are taking the course for credit.

Textbooks and other readings

For all students who taking the course for credit, the textbook is:
Michel Andraos, ed., The Church and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas: In Between Reconciliation and Decolonization, vol. 7, Studies in World Catholicism (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2019).

Graduate students have the following additional textbook:
Michael Asch, John Borrows, and James Tully, eds., Resurgence and Reconciliation: Indigenous-Settler Relations and Earth Teachings (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018).

Other readings: there will be additional readings specific to some sessions and presentations either as background, follow-up, or for more information. These reading will be shared with the participants as the course will start.


In addition to attending the sessions on zoom and participating actively in the discussions, students taking the course for credit will be required to write a final research and reflection paper according to their program criteria. More information on the final paper will be indicated in the syllabus, which will be available as of mid May. The deadline for the final papers is June 28.

Registration information

If you are not a regular student at Saint Paul University or the University of Ottawa and would like to take the course, please use the following link for registration: https://ustpaul.ca/form-special-student.php

For more information about registration, please e-mail theology@ustpaul.ca.

For any questions concerning the course requirements, please email Miranda Roberts, teaching assistant of the course, at mrobe180@uottawa.ca.

Source: https://ustpaul.ca/en/new-theology-courses-invite-the-public-to-explore-current-issues_7411_17.htm