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3 April 2017

Sowing Justice – April 2017

April 2nd brings Solidarity Sunday on the Fifth Sunday of Lent. We are invited to repond generously and compassionately with Development and Peace partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. For more about the Share Lent campaign and this year’s 50th anniversary of Development & Peace see www.devp.org.

In Canada, April 4th is Refugee Rights Day. The Canadian Council for Refugees and the Jesuit Refugee Service are advocating for Canada to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States. Under that agreement, in effect since late 2004, both Canada and the U.S. declared the other country safe for refugees. It established the general principle that refugee claimants should make their claim in the first of these countries that they reach. However, given certain policies of the present American administration, refugee advocates say the U.S. cannot be considered safe for refugees. They urge Canada not to return refugee claimants to the U.S. unless absolutely sure the U.S. will not send them back to persecution. (ccrweb.ca)

April 4th is International Mine Awareness Day (United Nations). The UN seeks to reduce the humanitarian and socio-economic threats posed by landmines. (www.un.org)

International Mother Earth Day is April 22nd (UN). The term Mother Earth “reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit” (www.un.org).

Grateful for Indigenous wisdom and our faith heritage, we honour Earth, our common home. We also reflect on our responsibility to protect biological diversity, reduce waste, address climate change and live sustainably for the sake of Earth, as well as present and future generations.

How might we celebrate?

April 22nd is also known simply as Earth Day with the 2017 campaign theme, “Environmental and Climate Literacy.” This form of literacy seeks to create awareness among citizens and voters and to advance environmental and climate laws and policies. Another key goal is to increase “green technologies and jobs.” (www.earthday.org)

~ On April 29th, let’s watch for “People’s Climate Mobilization” events near and far. ~


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