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15 August 2019

Sexual Abuse in the Church: interview with Marie-Jo Thiel

Interview realized by the Canadian Religious Conference with Marie-Jo Thiel about her work concerning the sexual abuse in the Church. Medical doctor, theologian founder and Director of the Centre européen d’enseignement et de recherche en éthique (CEERE – the European Centre for teaching and Research in Ethics) at the University of Strasbourg, Mrs. Thiel has published in 2019 a book, L’Église catholique face aux abus sexuels sur mineurs (Novalis in Canada, Bayard in France), which describes her experience and reflections on this subject.

Questions of the interview:

  • Why a book about sexual abuse?
  • How would you definite the other types of abuse in the Church? (7:40)
  • What is your perception on the extension of abuse done to vulnerable adults? (23:29)
  • What type of actions are required for the transformation of the Church? (30:12)

CRC English YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWU5ZV6SfRCT2YuOOc1XvRg