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13 January 2022

Prayer for Unity (Week of Prayer 2022)

Praise to You, Gracious God of new beginnings.
As one body, we rejoice to meet You
in the person of your Son, Jesus.

With him, through your life-giving Spirit,
help us hear cries of Earth,
and of those living in poverty and pain.

Guide us to respond with courage, compassion,
loving kindness, and justice bringing lasting peace.

During this Week of Prayer,
we celebrate your call for unity,
affirming our oneness with You,
one another and all creation.

We pray especially with peoples of the Middle East,
who amid great suffering,
cherish your Wisdom, ancient and new —
calling us to your beckoning Light.

Together, we ask to walk with integrity and hope,
recognizing You amid darkness,
divisions and unknowns.

With thanksgiving and trust,
we pray in the name of Jesus,
inspired by your unifying Spirit.  Amen.

~ Roma De Robertis, SCIC