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6 June 2017

Conscience of a Nation – Jesuits in English Canada 1842-2013


Fr. Jacques Monet, s.j.


March 2017
224 pages
ISBN 9782896882540


The third and final volume of the definitive history series on the Jesuits in English Canada, Conscience of a Nation explores the Jesuits’ contribution to Canadian ethics and morality. The volume contributors, well-known Jesuit scholars, offer a fascinating survey of the Jesuit spirituality and formation, as well as the society’s work with ecology, education and foreign missions. Together with the previous two volumes, Conscience of a Nation is a must-have resource for scholars and friends of the Jesuits.

The other two volumes are: Teachers of a Nation and Builders of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada.

Teachers of a Nation is the first volume in a three-volume series about the Jesuits in English Canada. Their history is dramatic, with political maneuvering, enduring hardship and struggle, and forging lifelong friendships. Written by a notable Jesuit scholar, Teachers of a Nation is a complete reference guide to that history. The volume focuses on the Jesuits’ role in education in Canada. The Jesuits have made vital contributions to academic excellence, founding institutions and nurturing young minds across generations. Intensively researched and deeply thought provoking, Teachers of a Nation is a fundamental resource on the Jesuit order.

In Builders of a Nation, the second volume in a three-volume series, the legacy of the Jesuit order in English-speaking Canada come to light. Replete with primary sources and additional reading, this book is ideal for scholarly research. Builders of a Nation focuses on the Jesuits’ work with native spirituality, their involvement in media and communications and their commitment to social justice. A comprehensive, factual and insightful guide to the Jesuit order, this book illuminates a vital part of our past.

About the editor: Fr. Jacques Monet, SJ, serves as the director of the Canadian Institute of Jesuit Studies. A long-time educator and scholar, Monet is regarded as one of Canada’s leading historians by both secular and religious leaders.

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