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25 July 2018

Baggage (documentary film)


Baggage opens the stage and turns the spotlight on newly arrived teenage immigrants studying in High School in Montreal, Quebec. Through drama workshops, theatre production and deeply personal interviews, the film gives voice to their stories of immigration and integration. Their accounts move between an “elsewhere” and a “before” to become a ”here and now”. With a wisdom well beyond their years that will leave no one unmoved, these students share poignant narratives about their journeys with compelling emotion and a disarming level of authenticity.

Purchase the film

To purchase the DVD, or show the film in educational or institutional context, write an email to distribution@picbois.com.

Technical file

Country: Canada
Type: Documentary
Duration: 52 min.
Format: HD
Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Year : 2017
Original Version: French with English subtitles
Broadcast: Télé-Québec