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1 August

Eugène Prévost, CFS

Born on August 24, 1860, in Saint-Jerome (Quebec), very young Eugene desires to become a saint. He is at the seminary when he hears about the Société du Très-Saint-Sacrement. His spiritual director encourages him to follow his desire: Eugene wishes to become an adorer of the Blessed Sacrament. He therefore leaves the seminary to enter the novitiate of this congregation in Brussels. He is 21 years old. On September 29, 1886, he makes his perpetual vows and is ordained priest in Rome on June 4, 1887. He is appointed head of the Association of priest adorers. Under his guidance members grow from 6000 to 46000.

Already in 1886 Eugene had spoken to his superior about his love for priests: the love of Jesus in the Eucharist in fact leads him to love priesthood in Jesus and in his priests. In December 1899, while Eugene is in prayer during his retreat in Sarcelles, he is inspired by God to found a community specifically dedicated to serving priesthood. After asking advice to eminent ecclesiastical advisors, Eugene writes to his superior. He leaves the community in August 1900 to found what will become the Congrégation de la Fraternité Sacerdotale, as well as a community for women, les Oblates de Béthanie.

He devotes himself entirely to serving Jesus present in his priests after having received the pope’s approval, Leo XIII, who told him that his project seems to answer the will of God, full of mercy, and that God was calling him to devote himself entirely to the service of priests. On Holy Thursday, April 4, 1901, in the Vatican, Father Prévost consecrates himself to his new mission as a founder, by submitting himself in the hands of the Cardinal Vivès y Tuto, representing the pope. Jesus’ love will keep him faithful to his mission till his death, despite all the suffering and various trials he encounters. He dies on August 1st 1946.

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