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15 May 2017

Study on International Sisters in the United States

On May 4th the UISG hosted the presentation of the Trinity Washington University/CARA Study on the International Sisters in the United States and the Implications on Religious Life throughout the World. “More than 70 religious men and women participated. They represented Religious Institutes, Conferences of Religious, Vatican Discateries, Centre of Studies. Sister Mary Johnson was the main speaker.”

Sister Johnson presented the main goals of the Study on International Sisters in the United States:

“To use several sociological methods to find as many international sisters as possible in the United States.

To hear the voices of those sisters through surveys and interviews and focus groups, in order to determine the needs of the sisters, and to learn about their contributions and the new life and hope they bring to religious life and the Church in the United States, and to U.S. society.

To publish a book with the qualitative and quantitative data. The length of the book will allow us to give more analysis and reflection on the rich data than research reports or presentations

The survey is available in English and Spanish on the UISG website.