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6 July 2021

Recent statements from the Sisters of Charity of Halifax regarding the discoveries of unmarked graves on former Residential Schools sites

June 24, 2021

Today we learned of the discovery of 751 unmarked graves on the site of the Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Sisters of Charity Halifax and its Associates stand with the Cowessess First Nation as they learn of this discovery. We stand with them as they heal. We stand with our indigenous brothers and sisters in understanding as collectively we grapple with the horrors of racism. We stand with the Cowessess First Nation and honor their loved ones. We mourn the prevalence of racism still found in our global society. We pledge to actively work and pray with First Nations people hoping to heal the grief. Our hearts are broken. We ask the Spirit to lead us in truth and reconciliation.

Source: https://schalifax.ca/statement/


July 6, 2021

Ministering in the Americas, the Sisters of Charity – Halifax strive to show forth the compassionate love of God. We believe in a Spirit that carries our best selves through the winds of time and reminds us of our sacred trust to Mother Earth and to each other. 

The discovery of the unmarked graves at former Canadian residential schools is a stark reminder of the most vulnerable and enslaved in our nations. We listen through the winds of time to the cries of hidden children, women, and men. Our breath is labored as we begin to understand the harms inflicted on the innocent.

The discovery of these remains is heart-breaking and shameful. As human beings and as members of a religious congregation that served at two of these schools, we weep. We listen and learn from our Indigenous brothers and sisters. 

I call on each one of us to join in prayer with people who are systematically and historically robbed of their very identities. I call us to on-going truth and reconciliation, to acknowledge and to take in the pain of our brothers and sisters. May our collective heart brokenness in turn motivate us to positive actions in a stance of peace and reconciliation. 

We participated in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and continue to act for justice. Any information that we had can be accessed through the Truth and Reconciliation Museum located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Loved and energized by the One who calls us, we hear the cries of those who suffer and trust the inspiration of the Spirit as we move forward together.

Sister Margaret Mary Fitzpatrick, Congregational Leader

Source: https://schalifax.ca/statement-2/