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1 March 2016

Promotio Iustitiae: Justice in the Global Economy

Promotio Iustitiae :
Justice in the Global Economy

We draw your attention to this special issue of Promotio Iustitiae, published by the Social Justice Secretariat at the General Curia of the Society of Jesus (Rome)

“Since the beginning of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has repeatedly called both the Church and the larger society to turn their attention to issues of justice in today’s global economy. This is the challenge taken up in this special report, to reflect on how current economics are affecting inclusion and sustainability and to explore ways in which economics can better respond to the needs of the poor and the environment. The Jesuit Secretariats for Social Justice and Ecology and for Higher Education assigned this task to a Task Force of experts that have produced the document.”

English version of Justice in the Global Economy Building Sustainable and Inclusive Communities: http://www.sjweb.info/documents/sjs/pj/docs_pdf/PJ_121_ENG.pdf