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13 June 2024


From May 15 to 17, 2024, 25 people involved in JPIC ministry for religious congregations in Ontario gathered in Toronto at Loretto College. The theme of the meeting was: What about the “P” in “JPIC”?

Wednesday afternoon was an opportunity for partner organizations to present an update on their activities. Represented were: Laudato Si  Movement Canada (Agnes Richard), Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle (Peter Bisson), Joint Ecological Ministries and ORCIE (Sue Wilson – photo 1), Development and Peace (Luke Stocking- photo 2) and Kairos (Leah Reesor-Kellor). In the evening, participants shared about their current commitments. These were very interesting discussions.


Thursday was devoted to the main theme of peace. In the morning, Kelsey Gallagher from Ploughshares gave a presentation on Canada’s involvement in the arms trade and its complicity in wars around the world. His presentation was followed by a panel discussion with Mary Ellen Francoeur and Greg Gillis of Pax Christi, and Randy Haluza-Delay of Development and Peace. The morning ended with a question and answer period.

In the afternoon, many walked to the Peace Garden near Toronto City Hall downtown. We prayed there for a while, and then something unexpected happened. A young man from Kenya about to be deported joined our group and prayed with us. We had the opportunity to welcome a stranger to this place dedicated to peace, a stranger in search of a country where he could find a peaceful life. It was one of the highlights of the gathering. On the way back, we shared the afternoon’s experience and celebrated the Eucharist.

Friday morning gave participants the opportunity to choose a theme for discussion, with the possibility of moving from one conversation group to another. This was followed by a conversation about the future of the Ontario JPIC network in the context of consecrated life in transition and transformation.

The next meeting of the network will take place possibly in the fall, and should provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the question of the future of this JPIC network.

Thanks to the organizing committee: Bridget Doherty, Lois Anne Bordowitz, Pat Carter and Sarah Rudolph; and thanks to the CRC for supporting the committee. The event was a great success, and all participants agreed: it’s good to get together to learn, exchange and forge links.