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15 April 2021

Listening to Indigenous Voices – A Dialogue Guide on Justice and Right Relationships

Forum jésuite pour la foi sociale et la justice

April 1st, 2021
112 pages

ISBN: 9782896886760


Canada does not have an “Indigenous” problem. It has a colonization problem, says Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice Deborah McGregor, an Anishinaabe from Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, Ontario. Those of us who have benefited from colonization have a responsibility to address the system that has enriched us by stealing the land and lives of Indigenous Peoples. The first steps in this process are to listen deeply to what Indigenous Peoples are saying to us, to open ourselves to be transformed by their words, and to act based on what they are telling us to address injustices.

Created as 11 separate chapter-workshops, this book incorporates many Indigenous voices so that readers-participants can:

  • Increase their knowledge about the diverse Indigenous Peoples of Canada;
  • Explore the history, practices, and underlying ideas of colonization in Canada;
  • Transform themselves in a way that seeks to redress past wrongs and move towards right relationships
  • Explore concrete pathways towards right relationships, decolonization, and re-indigenization

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