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5 October 2021

October Message from the CRC’s KAIROS Representatives

The discovery of the graves of indigenous children made startling and splashy headlines for a few weeks this summer. However, the truth and reconciliation that it called for did not make splashy headlines on the recent campaign trail. No candidate was constantly bombarded with this significant issue.

Now that the election is over and our Prime Minister has returned to office, the hard work of reconciliation must become of the utmost importance. We must continue to call our country and church to account and educate our people. KAIROS as well as many other networks and diocesan websites offer suggestions for parish and community education around this issue Let us educate ourselves first – if we have not already done so – by reading the full report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission found on the Government Canada website. Let your heart be touched. Take it to prayer. And act accordingly.

Last February 2021, when we introduced ourselves to you we said: “In this time of unbelievable suffering of all, and primarily of the most vulnerable, we are more than ever graced to represent you, the members of the Canadian Religious Conference, on the steering committee (aka Board) of KAIROS. Together, the CRC through KAIROS works with Indigenous, settlers and newcomers in Canada, people of faith or conscience all over the world, for ecological justice and human rights.“ Today, a few weeks following the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we believe that our words continue to reflect who we are as CRC and as KAIROS.

This year KAIROS is celebrating twenty years of justice making! Sue Wilson, a Sister of St Joseph in Canada, says it well: “Over the last twenty years, KAIROS has helped to stir my evolving understanding of myself as a Settler, as someone who has benefitted from the legacy of colonialism in Canada, and as a member of a Treaty people. KAIROS provides opportunities to listen deeply to Indigenous persons, to be transformed by their words and challenges, and to be moved to advocate for policy change.”

In loving communion with you on the journey for Truth and Reconciliation,

Sr. Pauline Lally, SP & Sr. Maura McGrath, CND