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15 February 2021

A Message from the CRC’s KAIROS Representatives

In this time of unbelievable suffering of all, and primarily of the most vulnerable, we are more than ever graced to represent you, the members of the Canadian Religious Conference, on the steering committee (aka Board) of KAIROS. Together, the CRC through KAIROS works with Indigenous, settlers and newcomers in Canada, people of faith or conscience all over the world, for ecological justice and human rights.

In the early weeks of the pandemic, last year, Jennifer Henry, Executive Director of KAIROS at that time, summoned us with this prayer:

Let us pray for an abundance of kindness in this time of turmoil and crisis. Let us pray for an abundance of awareness and action for oppressed people and vulnerable places at greater risk.
Let us pray for an abundance of support, for first responders and health care workers, doing impossible jobs, and for decision makers and scientists striving to do their best.
An abundance of ‘we,’
An abundance of ‘in this together,’
An abundance of reaching out (virtual and voice),
An abundance of global community.
For this let us pray.

We look forward to keeping in touch with the members of the CRC through occasional messages. Wishing you a blessed Lenten season.

In solidarity,


Pauline Lally, SP

Maura McGrath, CND

The CRC representatives on the KAIROS steering committee.