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10 September 2021

The Sisters of St. Martha officially open Bethany Centennial Garden

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the Congregation moving from their original Motherhouse on the Campus of St. Francis Xavier University to Bethany Property in 1921. On this day, Sisters of St. Martha will officially open Bethany Centennial Garden created on the grounds of the deconstructed Motherhouse building.

Designed by Viridis Design Studio Ltd., built by Dexter Construction, the Bethany Centennial Garden includes a heritage walk that highlights significant moments in the Congregation’s history, places for sitting, accessible walking paths, spaces for meditation and contemplation.

Sr. Brendalee Boisvert, Congregation Leader shared that “in the spirit of Gospel Hospitality, the creation of Bethany Centennial Garden comes from a desire to continue to share with the larger community of Antigonish Town and County, and beyond, this sacred place which we are blessed to call home. It is our desire that all who come here join us as we seek to deepen communion among ourselves and those we encounter”.

Most of the features of Bethany Centennial Garden are complete, however due to delays related to Public Health Measures and the State of Emergency in the Province of Nova Scotia, there are still some areas to be completed, in particular, the heritage walk story boards and the steeple reflecting pool.

Parking is available at the entrance to Bethany Centennial Garden. The public is asked to pay attention to signage throughout the Bethany property.

Incorporating pieces of the former Motherhouse foundation,
as well as the steeple that once stood atop of the Bethany Chapel,
now part of a reflecting pool, Bethany Centennial Garden,
reflects the Marthas’ continued desire to bring a contemplative
and compassionate heart to our fractured world.