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12 February 2018

CRC Bulletin, Volume 15, Issue 1 – Winter 2017

In this issue, the members of the CRC Theological Commission chose to focus their articles on the integrity of Christian hope. A recurrent theme in recent papal addresses and documents.

The Theological Commission is made up of eight theologians (all of whom are members of religious communities), and meets twice annually, to explore themes connected to the interests of religious communities, and to share publications, resources and other useful reference sources.

The questions that accompany each article are meant to assist your ongoing reflection. An issue to read, to develop and to share with other people.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments and reflections at communications@crc-canada.org as you go about reading the articles.

To access the entire Bulletin, please click on the picture below or on the following link: CRC Bulletin, Volume 15, Issue 1 – Winter 2017

To access each article separately, click on the underlined title of your choice. All articles are in PDF format. Reproduction is allowed provided the author’s name and the source are properly attributed.

Do Not Let Yourselves Be Robbed of Hope!
Gill Goulding, cj

Becoming Hope
Louis Riverin, fmj (Famille Marie-Jeunesse)

Hope Beyond the Challenges…
Lorraine d’Entremont, sc

Stability: Beacon of Hope
Margaret Patricia Brady, osb

The Best Is Yet to Come!
Michel Proulx, o. praem

Facing Corruption: Daring to Hope against All Hope
Br. Antoine-Emmanuel, fmj (Monastic Fraternities of the Brothers of Jerusalem)

Hope: A Trail of Light in the Night
Gaétane Guillemette, ndps