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1 December 2016

CRC Bulletin, Volume 13, Issue 3 – Fall 2016

In this issue, religious women and men talk about how change can become a path of growth and life.

To access the entire Bulletin, please click on the following link: CRC Bulletin – Volume 13, Issue 3 – Fall 2016

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“Discerning Hope Amid the Challenges”
What can we say about the future and, moreover, how can we embrace it with hope? A new look at one of the topics addressed by Pope Francis during the Year of Consecrated Life.
Timothy Scott, CSB

Change: A Path of Growth and Life
It is undeniable that religious congregations are experiencing continual and rapid change. What attitudes are to be adopted to live the mission fully when faced with the uneasiness being felt?
Aurore Larkin, SGM

Opting for a New Governance Structure
Transition from a leadership team to a volunteer committee format. A narrative of the process experienced by the Ursuline Sisters of Bruno.
Marian Noll, OSU

When a Mother House Becomes a Green House!
“Little by little, we entered into this ecological spirituality presented by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’ and we come out of it grown!”
An interview with Sister Fernande Cantin, CND by Stéphanie Gravel

It’s Never Too Late…
The first international meeting of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis and lay associates. A significant opportunity for discussion experienced in an atmosphere of freedom of speech and prayer.
Lise Barbeau, SCSL

To Change Is to Live
Over the seasons, nature changes and is renewed. Over the years, we also live through changes. How can these changes advance life?
Julien Alain, CSC