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5 November 2018

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 15, Issue 3 – Fall 2018


Everything is Connected!
Everything is Given!
Everything is Fragile!


This issue of the CRC Bulletin is in link with our General Assembly held in May 2018. The four articles are inspired by Elena Lasida’s presentation on the encyclical Laudato Si’. She identified three key concepts: Everything is connected! Everything is given! Everything is fragile! Timothy Scott, CSB, introduces these key concepts as a whole. The three articles that follow present each of these key elements.

“Though her reflection on Pope Francis’ eco-theology, theological anthropology, and eschatology, Elena Lasida is challenging us to discover in Laudato Si’ a way forward in caring for our common home, concludes Timothy Scott, CSB.

Br. Louis Cinq-Mars, Capuchin, develops further the aspect of everything is connected. “The ecological crisis, he writes, questions the meaning of our individual and collective life and we do not need to wait to begin sketching out something new.” The concept of all is given is addressed by Gisèle Turcot, SBC. She states that “this radical, integral gift implies gratitude, communion with all living beings; it invites enthusiasm and creativity.” This implies “risking moving forward towards the unknown.” Mary-Ellen Francoeur, sos, reflects on everything is fragile. Yes, everything is fragile, but within this fragility emerges new life. Even when we are facing the realities of decrease in numbers and of aging. “In moving through this time, writes Sister Mary-Ellen, we are finding the new vision of what we can leave to the world, the Earth, and future generations.”

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To access the entire Bulletin, please click on the picture below or on the following link: CRC Bulletin, Vol. 15, No 3 – Fall 2018

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Everything is Connected! Everything is Given! Everything is Fragile!
Timothy Scott, CSB

Everything is Connected! So, What Are We Waiting For?
Louis Cinq-Mars, OFM Cap

All is Given! From Gratitude to Vigilance
Gisèle Turcot, SBC

Everything is Fragile… Yet Look! New Life!
Mary-Ellen Francœur, SOS