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12 September 2018

Chapters and elections 2018

Chapters are a grace-filled moment in the life of religious congregations. Spring-Summer is typically the time religious congregations hold their chapters.

Here are the results of a recent consultation made among the members of the CRC (dated 25th September).

Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles

17th General chapter from June 24 to July 22 in Rome, Italy.

Theme: “Courageously committed to God’s reign of peace and justice”

Elections results:

  • Sister Mary Teresa Barron (Irland), elected General Superior;
  • Sister Marie Hélène Gourdon (France), elected 1st Assistant;
  • Sister Anne Falola (Nigeria), elected 2nd Assistant;
  • Sister Hortense Dossoumon (Benin), elected 3rd  Assistant.

Daughters of Wisdom

General chapter from August 2-30, 2018 at L’Île Blanche in France.

Elections results:

  • Sister Rani Kurian (India), elected General Superior;
  • Sister Pierrette Bwamba (Democratic Republic of Congo), elected General Councillor;
  • Sister Marie-Reine Gauthier (Canada), elected General Councillor;
  • Sister Antonia Daniela Prestia (Italy), elected General Councillor;
  • Sister Isabelle Retailleau (France), re-elected General Councillor.

Brothers of Christian Instruction

27th General chapter from March 1st-25 in Rome, Italy.

Theme: “New pathways of fraternity”

Elections results:

  • Brother Hervé Zamor elected General Superior;
  • Brother Jean-Paul Peuze, elected Councillor;
  • Brother Vincent Ssekate, elected Councillor;
  • Brother Miguel Aristondo, elected Councillor.

Filles de la Charité du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus

Provincial chapter from November 26 to December 9, 2018.

Basilian Fathers (Congregation of Saint Basil)

General Chapter from July 8-18, 2018 at King City in Ontario, Canada.

Elections Results:

  • Father Kevin Storey, CSB as Superior General
  • Father David Katulski, CSB as Vicar General for a third term;
  • Father John Huber, CSB as Second Councillor;
  • Father Morgan Rice, CSB as Third Councillor;
  • Father Dennis Noelke, CSB as Fourth Councillor.

Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe

29th General chapter from July 1st-14, 2018 at the Centre Intercommunautaire 4 Saisons in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Elections results:

  • Sister Claudette Robert, re-elected General Superior
  • Sister Monique Laroche, re-elected
  • Sister Christina Toae
  • Sister Ginette Fortier
  • Sister Vitalina Mohale
  • Sister Lucila Moreira Silva
  • Sister Florice Alves Ferreira

Attended this chapter 10 sisters from Basotho, 5 sisters from Brazil and 13 sisters from Canada, all representing the congregation.

Little Sisters of the Holy Family

General chapter from May 19 to 31, 2018.

Elections results:

  • Sister Denise Pomerleau, General Superior
  • Sister Lisette Martin, Assistant Counsellor
  • Sister María Julia Corea, Counsellor
  • Sister Grace Rocha, Counsellor
  • Sister Rachel Lemieux, Counsellor
  • Sister Mirna Elizabeth Hernández, Counsellor

Capucins Minor Friars

General chapter from August 26 to September 15, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Theme: “Discite a me…et invenietis” Mt 11, 29 [“Learn from me … and you will find…”]

Elections results:

  • Brother Roberto Genuin, elected General Minister
  • Brother José Ángel Torres Rivera, elected General Vicar
  • Brother Norbert Auberlin Solondrazana, elected General Counsellor (Madagascar)
  • Brother Francesco Neri, elected General Counsellor (Italy)
  • Brother Carlos Silva, elected General Counsellor (Brazil)
  • Brother Kilian Ngitir, elected General Counsellor (Cameroon)
  • Brother Piotr Stasiński, elected General Counsellor (Poland)
  • Brother Pio Murat, re-elected General Counsellor (France)
  • Brother John Baptist Palliparambil, elected General Counsellor (India)
  • Brother Victorius Dwiardy, elected General Counsellor (Indonesia)
  • Brother Celestino Arias, elected General Counsellor (USA)

Order of Friars Minor

Chapter of Union on October 21-25, 2018 at St. Albert in Alberta.

Theme: “Revitalize and Evangelise: Go Rebuild My House!”

A Chapter of Union is a Chapter that establishes a new province through the dissolution of existing provinces. After October 22, the Province of Christ the King, Western Canada, and the Saint Joseph Province, Eastern Canada, will cease to exist. At such a Chapter a new Provincial, Vicar-Provincial, Council, and administrative centre of the Province will be announced. These persons are appointed by the OFM General Curia for a 3 years period of transition after which the Holy Spirit Province will hold it’s first ordinary Chapter with elections.

Brothers of Charity

23rd general chapter from July 2nd-20, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Theme: “Be radical in prophecy as consecrated men in the mission of charity”

Elections results:

  • Brother René Stockman re-elected General Superior
  • Brother Jean-Marie Mukonkole elected Vicar General

Clercs de Saint-Viateur

Provincial chapter on October 20, 2018.

The congregation held its General chapter at Mundelein, Illinois (USA) in July 2018. Father Robert Mick Egan has been elected new General Superior after serving as Provincial Superior in the American Province.

Priests of Saint Sulpice

Provincial Assembly from June 18-28, 2018.

Elections results:

  • Father Jorge Humberto Pacheco elected new Provincial Superior

Order of Prémontré

General chapter from July 23 tu August 5, 2018 at the Abbey of Rolduc (Netherlands).

Elections results:

  • Dom Josef Wouters elected General Abbot


Provincial Chapter in June 2018 at Ottawa, Ontario.

Elections results:

  • Brother Jean Doutre elected Provincial Prior

Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception

General chapter at the Villa Madonna Retreat House in Rothesay, New Brunswick.

Theme: “God of the Cosmos… Drawing Us Forward”

Elections results:

  • Sister Mary Beth McCurdy re-elected Congregational leader (until 2022);
  • Sister Anita Holmes, Counsellor (SCIC leadership circle);
  • Sister Anita Naves, Counsellor (SCIC leadership circle);
  • Sister Patricia Poole, Counsellor (SCIC leadership circle).

Sisters of Saint Anne

General Chapter from July 6-22, 2018.

Theme: “On mission for life, we walk together in hope”

Elections results:

  • Sister Rita Larivée, re-elected General Superior (3rd mandate);
  • Sister Joanne Dion, General Counsellor (1st mandat);
  • Sister Marthe-Marjorie Février, General Counsellor (1st mandat);
  • Sister Alice Monette, General Counsellor (1st mandat);
  • Sister Marguerite St. Amand, General Counsellor (2nd mandat).

Franciscans (Conventual)

2nd Provincial chapter in May 2018.

Fraternités monastiques des frères de Jérusalem

General chapter from May 25 to June 3rd, 2018 at Magdala in France.

Elections results:

  • Brother Jean-Christophe Calmon, re-elected General Prior

Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

General chapter from July 12-31, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Theme: “Being Brothers today: witnesses and reality”

Elections results (6 years mandate):

  • Brother Marco Albani (italian) elected General Superior;
  • Brother Paolo Barolo (italian) elected General Secretary;
  • Brother Christian Delvigne (belgian) elected General Bursar;
  • Brother Charles Baravuga (Burundian) elected Counsellor;
  • Brother Désiré Nininahazwe (burundian) elected Counsellor.

Sisters of Charity of Saint Louis

General chapter closed on half August.

Elections results:

  • Sister Alberte Piché appointed General Superior

Ursuline Sisters of Bruno

Biennial Assembly closed on September 4 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

General chapter from July 21st to August 3rd at Joliette, Quebec.

Elections results:

  • Sister Nicole Riberdy, Quebecor, elected General Superior;
  • Sister Marij Meijs, Dutch, elected General Assistant;
  • Sister Hectorine Boudreau, Acadian, elected Representative for the Québec-Acadie region;
  • Sister Paule Boulais, French, elected Representative for the France region;
  • Sister Rachel Beugré, Ivorian, elected Representative for the Ivory Coast and Benin region.

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

General chapter from September 7 to October 6 in Rome, Italy.

As a follow-up from our General Chapter we began a transformation journey. After several months of reflection on what is emerging in our country and what is challenging us for the mission, we will put our reflections in common together with the discoveries of the 48 provinces of our Institute. We will also listen to what the young religious of less than 10 years of perpetual vows and those in formation wish to tell us about the mission and their needs. This meeting will also be an opportunity to review our structures. We will follow this path of transformation in our respective provinces over the next few years. Thank you for accompanying us in prayer.

Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

General chapter from July 8-18, 2018.

Elections results:

  • Sister Jocelyne Huot, re-elected General Superior
  • Sister Liliane Morel, re-elected General Assistant
  • Sister Bernadette Nourdin, re-elected General Counsellor
  • Sister Lauraine Robert, elected General Counsellor
  • Sister Brigitte Rodrigue, elected General Secretary
  • Sister Gervaise Bilodeau, elected General Bursar


Frontpage picture: The Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception new leadership circle.

From left to right:

  • Sister Anita Naves,
  • Sister Patricia Poole,
  • Sister Mary Beth McCurdy
  • Sister Anita Holmes.