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29 December 2020

ad vitam – Fall 2020: “Hope in Times of the Pandemic”

All have been affected by the pandemic in some way or another. Communities of consecrated life were not spared. Isolation, outbreaks, deaths, adaptation of community and spiritual life, working remotely, perseverance in the mission and mobilization for social justice: these constitute a mosaic of experiences to reflect on.


Hope in Times
of the Pandemic

This issue of
ad vitam brings to light some reflections and outlooks on the experiences within consecrated life in the face of the pandemic. “Behold, I make all things new,” says God through the prophet Isaiah (43:19). With God, we give birth to this new world and are ourselves called to become new women and men. What will we become? What will this world be? It is up to us to reveal its beginnings.




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ad vitam is a webzine launched in the Fall of 2019 by the Canadian Religious Conference. Featuring articles and audiovisual contents, ad vitam proposes theological and pastoral reflections on the Catholic Church and consecrated life. This resource aims to serve religious communities and their leadership, as well as readers interested in consecrated life and Church issues.