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2018 General Assembly

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Date & Time
24 May 2018, 13 h 30 min - 27 May 2018, 12 h 00 min

Hotel Sheraton Montreal Airport

555 McMillan Boulevard
Montreal, Québec
H9P 1B7

The General Assembly of the Canadian Religious Conference will be held from May 24 to 27, 2018 at the Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel.

The chosen theme is:

The nights are laden with life. Watcher, what do you say?

The keynote speaker will be Mrs Elena Lasida, an Uruguayan born economist and Professor at the Institut catholique de Paris in France. Inspired by Pope Fancis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’, she will host a reflexion on how sustainable development and the new economy can be used by Canadian religious communities in order to help religious become prophetic voices.

The CRC’s General Assembly is held every two years. The participants are the members of the CRC. It is an opportunity for the leaders of Catholic religious congregations of women and men religious in Canada to meet and share their experience, to reflect on important issues and to celebrate together. At the end of the Assembly, the members will elect a new Administrative Council and propose directions for the next two years.


For an overview of the Assembly schedule, click on this document: Tentative 2018 General Assembly Schedule

About the keynote speaker

Elena Lasida

Dr. Elena Lasida is a Uruguyan-born professor based in Paris, France, for the past twenty-five years. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences and Economics from the Institut Catholique de Paris, having written a doctoral dissertation with the title: “Figures économiques de la transcendance – Etude sur la logique du marché et la logique du sacré”. This work is in line with one of her principal areas of research: the dialogue between economy and theology.

Mme Lasida holds the position of Professor at the Institut Catholique de Paris and is Director of its Master’s Program entitled: “Solidarity economy and market logic”. She also coordinates the GREUS (Groupe de Recherche sur l’évaluation de l’utilité sociale) and is an active member of the Conseil scientifique de la Chaire Bien Commun of the ICP.

After working fifteen years at the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation office within the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of France, in 2015 she was mandated with task of taking Laudato Si’ to Christian communities throughout France. During this time, the Bishops’ Conference together with Protestant and Orthodox churches created the “Green Church” certification.

During her JPIC work she assisted many international religious congregations in their efforts to encourage intercultural dialogue, and support communities in the global South to attain autonomy. She continues to accompany several religious institutes in this work.

Other involvements:

  • Board member of Semaines sociales de France.
  • Board member of the Caritas Foundation.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Revue Etudes.

Partial list of publications:

  • “Le goût de l’autre – la crise une chance pour réinventer le lien”, Albin Michel, 2011
  • “La vie religieuse, un mode de vie signifiant pour aujourd’hui”, Intervention à l’assemblée de la CORREF (Conférence des Religieux et Religieuses de France), 2010, Documentation Catholique, Dossier n° 2462
  • “Eloge du manque » in Cinq éloges de l’épreuve, Albin Michel, 2014
  • “Plaidoyer pour le réchauffement spirituel de l’écologie” in Qu’as-tu fait de ta terre ?, Lessius, 2016
  • “Le bien commun revisité par l’utilité sociale”, in Bien Commun, Urgences et défis d’une espérance, Cahiers de la Chaire Bien commun, N° 01, 2017
  • “Laudato Si’ – En marche vers la conversion écologique”, Documents Episcopats, N°7, 2016