Regional Activities

Women and men religious are very involved locally in living out to the fullest their commitment to follow Christ. In this section of the website, the Canadian Religious Conference wishes to take note of their passion for humanity by making known their projects and achievements.

Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - January/February 2016 Issue

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.

Open and download: Sowing Justice - January/February 2016 issue.

Main topics in this issue:

The United Nations International Year of Pulses, which are dried seeds of the legume family.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon by all member states last September and set to be achieved by 2030.

The "Take Take Action" form letter focusing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, adapted from a letter on the Council of Canadians website ( Click to open and download the adapted form letter (Word Format). You are invited to send two copies of the letter (postage-free) to the same address – one to the prime minister and the other to the minister of international trade.

The "Black History Month"

“The Leap Manifesto”

Sowing Justice and the "Take action" form letter is also psted on at “About Us ~ Being & Doing Justice.”

Embracing Our Call to Create Climate of Change

A brief commentary by Roma De Robertis, SCIC following her participation in a recent NGO conference at the United Nations.

Here is a short excerpt:

"For both the world and church, this is a time like no other. As billions face social chaos and ravages of climate change, our awakened response is crucial. His recent encyclical, Laudato Si’ pleads for lovingly urgent action for Earth, our common home. (...) As people of faith, we celebrate both “vocation” and “advocacy”, arising from the common Latin root word for “call”. Our Christian commitment calls us to partner with others to advocate for social, economic and ecological justice and ensure our federal government lives up to its international commitments."

"The role of concerned citizens and NGOs is crucial. My religious community, Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, belongs to the North American Sisters of Charity Federation which engages an NGO representative at the UN.  Advocating with others, she raises awareness about global concerns, inspiring federation sisters and their associates to respond actively and responsibly."

Based in Saint John, N.B., Roma De Robertis is social and ecological justice and peace coordinator with Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception and a member of the SCIC leadership circle. 

Open and download the complete text: Embracing our Call to Create Climate of Change

Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - November/December 2015

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.

Main topics In this issue:

Participation in the Development and Peace Campaign, “Create a Climate of Change”
Climate Change Conference in Paris
Action Alert. Click on this link: Action Alert November 2015
The CCCB pastoral letter on welcoming refugees
KAIROS' call in regards to reconciliation through education for Aboriginal peoples
The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click on this link: 17 UN Goals
Important dates of World Days and Notional Days in December

Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - September/October 2015

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.

Main topics of the September/October 2015 issue:

The Mediterranean migration crisis
The UN Sustainable Development Summit
The Blue Planet Project of the Council of Canadians and the NGO Mining Working Group at the UN celebrated the inclusion of goal six naming universal access to water and sanitation. 
The theme of the new education, prayer and action campaign by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace. 
The meeting on mining activities held in Rome July 17-19.
Important international dates in October.

Open and download the PDF document: Sowing Justice Sept./October 2015

The Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception Offer Sister Theresa Hucul's Cosmic Song "All Praise"

The Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (SCIC) & Associates rejoice in the new encyclical by Pope Francis, Laudato Si'. 

"To celebrate this vital ethical teaching, the SCIC rejoice anew to sing and celebrate Sister Theresa Hucul’s inspired, cosmic song, "All Praise." With Sister Theresa’s gracious consent, the song is offered freely as well as the sheet music and lyrics. May it awaken new energy for our life and shared faith commitment."

Click to hear the recorded song featured on the SCIC website: The slideshow is created by Betty Fleet with her original photos. Other photos are courtesy of NASA. 

To access the sheet music click on these two PDF documents:
 "All praise", page 1 - "All praise" page 2
You can also log on to the SCIC website at:

Kindly attribute this song to the composer and her religious community, Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception. For more about Sister Theresa’s music collections, please see at “Creative Expression” and “Music”.

The Canadian Religious Conference is grateful to the SCIC for the permission to post, with the consent of Sister Theresa Hucul, SCIC, on its website the link to the audio and the lyrics of "All Praise."

Photo of Sister Theresa Hucul, SCIC by Sister Marcia Wiley, SGM.

CRC-JPIC Connections - May 2015 Issue

The CRC-JPIC Connections is published by the core committee of the CRC-JPIC Ontario Network. 

The main topics of the May 2015 issue are:

  • Creative Gift Box Highlights Human Trafficking
  • Indigenous Rights - Post-resurrection: A Time for Reconciliation
  • Peacebuilding in the Middle East
  • Ending Poverty in Canada: A Dream or a Reality?
  • Energy and Climate Change Linked

Open and download the PDF Document: Connections, May 2015

Marchig Against Energy East Pipeline

Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception and Associates participated in a march against Energy East pipeline with hundreds of others May 30, 2015 in Red Head, a community just beyond Saint John, N.B. on the Bay of Fundy.

SCIC photo: Roma De Robertis, SCIC with SCIC Associate Sharon Jacquard by Kristen Hamilton-Smith.




SCIC photo: Elaine MacDonald (left), sister of SCIC Associate Ellen Robart (centre), with Associate Sharon Jacquard.  Sharon is national coordinator of SCIC Associates for eastern Canada.


Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - May/June 2015

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Imaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.

The main topic of the May/June 2015 issue of Sowing Justice is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Although closing events for the Truth and Reconciliation process are to be held May 31 to June 3 in Ottawa, Ontario, ongoing prayer and awareness are encouraged. The United Nations and the Vatican focus on climate change is the other important topic being addressed. "Meeting at the Vatican April 28, scientists, diplomats and religious leaders focused on the theme, “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity,” exploring the moral dimensions of climate change. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met with the pope before opening the conference."

Important dates to remember in June:

June 5 ~ World Environment Day.   
June 12 ~ World Day against Child Labour.
June 20 ~ World Refugee Day.    
June 21 ~ National Aboriginal Day (Canada).

Open and download the SCIC and Associates Newsletter: Sowing Justice May/June 2015

Also, open and download the letter sample asking the Canadian government to do everything in its power to: Increase funding for aid to Syrian victims of the current crisis; to actively contribute to an inclusive peace process; to encourage the creation of a pluralistic and inclusive society - May 2015 Action Letter (Syria)

Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - March/April 2015

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Imaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.

This issue of Sowing Justice focuses on important international dates to remember: The International Women's Day on March 8, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, the World Water Day on March 22, Earth Hour 2015 on March 28, Earth Day on April 22. For each international day a web link is given for additional information.

Open and download the SCIC and Associates Newsletter: Sowing Justice March/April 2015

Sowing Justice, SCIC and Associates Newsletter - January/February 2015

Sowing Justice is a Sisters of Charity of the Imaculate Conception and Associates newsletter.
This issue is dedicated to the World Bishops addressing climate change. "The dominant global economic system must be transformed to ensure social and climate justice, representatives of the world’s Catholic bishops told leaders meeting at the United Nations climate conference in Lima, Peru." 
The bishops also said those responsible for climate change are obliged “to assist the most vulnerable in adapting and managing loss and damage and to share the necessary technology and know-how.” 
This issue goes on to speak of important international dates in January and February. 
Open and dowload this PDF document: Sowing Justice - January/February 2015

Food Security

"People are food secure if they can produce or buy the food they need and always have enough food for a healthy balanced diet."

In their November/December 2014 newsletter, the Sisters of Charity Federation give 10 Hunger facts for 2014. Possible ways to take action are also given.

The newsletter has been prepared by Sister Caroljean Willie, SC ~ NGO representative at the UN for the Sisters of Charity Federation, prepared a document titled: United Nations and You

Open and download United Nations and You, November/December 2014 Issue

Global Conference Sparks Hope and Calls for Action

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK – Members of the North American Sisters of Charity Federation joined thousands of people from around the world Aug. 27-29 to participate in the international non-governmental organization (NGO) conference at the United Nations in New York City focusing on sustainable development. As part of the Sisters of Charity Federation, Sister Roma De Robertis, SCIC, travelled from Saint John, N.B. to participate in the 2014 NGO conference in the name of Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception.

"The conference, writes Sister Roma, evoked key questions: How might we respond as local members of global networks of citizens committed to sustainable development and an end to poverty? With whom will we pray and act for greater social and ecological justice?" 

"During the conference, many women and young people offered skilled and impassioned leadership roles as part of collaborative networks. The conference highlighted the need for those most affected by injustice and environmental degradation to be consulted, heeded and actively involved in decision-making."

Read her story about the global conference: Global Conference Sparks Hope and Calls for Action

PeaceQuest Initiative Gains Momentum

Originating this past year with the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Office of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul in Kingston, Ontario, PeaceQuest ( hopes to take shape nationally as Canada approaches the various anniversaries of World War I. The idea is to provide a community-based catalyst and forum to engage people in discussing issues of war and peace.

The PeaceQuest initiative is rooted in the recognition that anniversaries are occasions for reflection and remembrance. Last year, at the anniversary of the War of 1812, the federal government spent over $30 million to promote that particular war as a grand, nation-making event. In contrast, PeaceQuest will invite Canadians to observe the centenary of World War I by reflecting together on the tragedy of war and the promise of peace.

PeaceQuest envisions four areas or “streams” of activity: education, faith, culture and policy. Of these, the first two have clear links to churches and related organisations. PeaceQuest Kingston has already enjoyed remarkable success in developing an active partnership with the Algonquin Lakeshore District Catholic School Board. As well the PeaceQuest Kingston faith stream is planning ecumenical and inter-faith events (vigils, peace pilgrimages, prayer services, contemplative circles of silence) as the anniversaries of World War I approach. A PeaceQuest group has also formed in Ottawa. When other local chapters emerge, there is every reason to expect that this pattern will be repeated in other cities and regions. 

Peace is an important focus of the JPIC ministry of the CRC, therefore the CRC endorses this initiative of the members of the CRC JPIC Ontario network.

We encourage you to find out more at

Visit to Canada of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

At the the conclusion of James Anya visit to Canada, a statement was issued. Here is the link to this statement:

Gathering Affirms Maritime Project's Focus on Advocacy

ANTIGONISH, N.S. -  Collaborative advocacy for vulnerable persons in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick remains a priority for the four Canadian-based member congregations of the Sisters of Charity Federation, 20 women religious gathered at Bethany Center here recently agreed.

Hosted by Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish (CSM), the six members of the Federation Maritime Project Committee met Oct. 16 with members of their four leadership teams to reflect together on their shared commitment, committee activities of the past two years and possible future directions.  

In 2008, the Maritime Project received a mandate from the four leadership teams to collectively advocate for vulnerable women and children in areas of housing and social assistance, as well as for working persons living in poverty.  The initiative arose from the 2007 Federation gathering of leadership teams in Nazareth, Ky. which encouraged growth in collaboration. Leaders of the four Canadian-based congregations at the time defined collaboration as, “Coming together to share our charism, gifts and resources for others, especially the most vulnerable of society.” 

Participating and sponsoring congregations are the CSM; Sisters of Charity of Halifax, N.S. (SC); Religieuses de Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur (NDSC; Moncton, N.B.) and Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (SCIC; Saint John, N.B.).

For five years, Maritime Project Committee members have engaged in educational efforts to learn more about persons and issues related to their mandate.  They have offered presentations to Sisters and Associates and written to provincial and federal legislators to advocate for safe, affordable housing and a national housing policy.  They have also advocated for adequate heating subsidies, social assistance levels and minimum wages.

The recent gathering in Antigonish reaffirmed the original focus of the Maritime Project and the importance of ongoing education and outreach to congregational members and Associates concerning the mandate.  Participants also affirmed the importance of the committee’s continued relationships with other groups and networks in the region with similar priorities.

To read the complete report, open and download this PDF document: Gathering Affirms Maritime Project

Photos by Tanya Mullin ~ CSM Communications (Antigonish, N.S.)

SC Federation Maritime Project Advocates for Systemic Change

Since 2008, the Sisters of Charity (SC) Federation Maritime Project has been advocating for women and children with a focus on safe, affordable housing and adequate social assistance. The committee also advocates for working persons living in poverty.

It is an initiative of the four Canadian-based members of the North American SC Federation: Sisters of Charity of Halifax; Sisters of St. Martha (Antigonish, N.S.); Religieuses de Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur (Moncton, N.B.) and Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (Saint John, N.B.).

The committee is mandated by the four leadership teams and reports to the SC Federation. It also participates in Vincentian Family gatherings and initiatives advocating for systemic change. The SC Federation belongs to the worldwide, intergenerational Vincentian Family of lay leaders and women and men religious.

Connections: CRC-JPIC Ontario Network

Welcome to the first newsletter of the CRC-JPIC Network. Connections is intended as a way of achieving some of the goals the core committee set for itself.

There will be regular communication among members of the core committee about priorities and actions to be taken concerning key issues and about the information and suggested actions to be communicated to the wider Ontario network made up of the JPIC contacts from congregations and their co-workers. Connections: CRC-JPIC Ontario Network will offer links to resources (including prayer services) and will communicate notices of upcoming JPIC events. Each issue of Connections will be published on the CRC website under Workshops & Activities/Regional Activities.

Connections is made availabe in Word format and in PDF format: Connections (WORD) - Connections (PDF)

Topics in this issue are :