Interculturality in Religious Congregations: Challenges and Promise - Documents in link with the CRC workshop

This workshop was given on October 21, 2015 at Mary Ward Centre in Toronto. The day of reflection and sharing was thought of as a follow up on the theme of the last CRC General Assembly in May where we were energized by presentations of Anthony Gittins, CSSp., an expert in the field. 

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Opening Presentation:

Cultures in Contact/Conflict - Timothy Scott, CSB

Panel Presentations:

Intercultural Community and Formation - Marianna Jung, FMM

Experiences of Living in Intercultural Communities - Hasiniaina Rakotoarisoa, SJ

The Challenges of Interculturality for Formation - Raymonde Maisonneuve, CSC

Four Exercises on Internationationaly - Sisters of the Holy Cross


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Workshop New Evangelisation in the Context of the New Cosmology

This day of reflection and sharing on the theme of New Evangelisation IN THE CONTEXT OF the New Cosmology by the CRC Mission-Formation service is geing offered across the country in English and in French in the course of 2013. Sister Donna Geernaert, SC, is the guest speaker for the English workshop. Donna Geernaert, SC, is presently congregational leader for Sisters of Charity (of Halifax).  She did her doctoral thesis on Teilhard de Chardin.  She is a theologian and has lectured on the topic of theology and new cosmology for many years.

In Mississauga, 12 persons attended on March 4. Comment: “In our congregation, we talk about environment and new cosmology, but in my pastoral ministry, we talk about evangelization.  But these are two conversations are separate from each other.” The workshop was an effort to bring the two conversations together.

In this subsection, you will find a sample of the workshop schedule and two documents Donna Geernaert, SC, refers too. Note that these documents are for personnal and community use only.

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Workshop Program

For God so Loved the Cosmos

Universal Savior: Ilia Delio Reimagines Christ

Session Journeying Together in Hope - Supplementary Reading

In October 2005 in Sydney, Australia, there was an assembly on the theme of restructuring Religious Institutes. The conferences presented at the assembly were published by Maureen Cleary under the title Tangle or Tango - The reconfiguration of Religious Institutes. The CRC received permission to translate and publish three of these conferences:

Nga Whaea Atawhai O Aotearoa - Sisters of Mercy New Zealand. A New Creation for Mission. A conference in PDF format by Denise Fox, RSM.

The Organisational Challenges of Reconfiguration Processes. Conference in PDF format by Maureen Cleary.

Crossing the Rubicon. Conference in PDF format by Gerardine Taylor and Tony Robinson.