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CRC Bulletin, Vol. 11, Issue 1 - Winter 2014

The Volume 11, no 1 issue of the CRC Bulletin was written by the members of the Theological Commission. The theme of the next CRC General Assembly inspired the authors of the articles: Beyond Frontiers: A Call to Transformation. The General Assembly will be held from May 29 to June 1, 2014. 

In order to facilitate the reading of the articles and to give you the possibility of choosing one article in particular without having to download the entire CRC Bulletin, each article is also published separately. To access them, click on the title of the article you wish to read or download. 

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CRC Bulletin, Vol. 11, Issue 1 - Winter 2014

Bulletin Summary with access to each article:

Discovering New Frontiers
by Antoine-Emmanuel, FMJ

New Evangelization and its Surprises...
by Lorraine Caza, CND
Spanish translation of this article:  La Nueva Evangelización y sus Sorpresas...

In the World without Being of the World - The Stances of Consecrated Life
by Rick van Lier, OP

Pope francis and the Periphery
by Timothy Scott, CSB

Building a Partnership of Cooperation in the Mission
by Gaétane Guillemette, NDPS

A Place for Us... in Canada, in 2014?
by Lorraine d'Entremont, SC

Journey within another Culture
by Margaret Patricia Brady, OSB

The Ultimate Frontier follwed by Two Testimonies
by Carmelle Bisson, AMJ

At the Frontiers of Human Ecology and The Beatitudes of Human Ecology
by Antoine-Emmanuel, FMJ

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 10, Issue 3 - Fall 2013

At the invitation of the CRC, associations of religious life as well as partners introduce themselves and share the challenges that they face in an ever-changing Church and society. 

There are a number of reasons why this choice was made. In his article, Yvon Pomerleau, o.p., explains that "we wanted to express our gratitude for everything that has been accomplished, while exploring paths for the future. Becoming better acquainted could lead to the discovery of new possibilities of mutual assistance and cooperation."

17 associations and partners accepted to write an article for this issue of the CRC Bulletin.

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CRC Bulletin, Vol. 10, Issue 2 - Summer 2013

Summer is a perfect time to contemplate. It is also a good time to get to know better the contemplative communities even more so since the members of the Union of Contemplatives Religious of Canada (UCRC) recently became members of the Canadian Religious Conference. This issue of the CRC Bulletin is dedicated to them. It gives them the opportunity to share what they are living. In the editorial, Michel Proulx, o. praem., writes that "the contemplative dimension is at the root of our consecrated life and the foundation for all our commitments."

Open and download this PDF document: CRC Bulletin - Summer 2013

In this issue:

The presence of contemplatives within the CRC: A Grace and a Challenge- Michel Proulx, o. praem.
A New Look at Religious Life in Canada - Gabrielle Audet, OSC
Outline of the History of the UCRC - Denise Guénette, OCD
The Contemplative Life of the Poor Clares on Canadian Soil - Claire Bissonnette, OSC
Queen of Peace Monastery - Clare Rolf, OP
The Carmelites in Trois-Rivières, Quebec - Cécile Arsenault, OCD
Living the Monastic Life in the Heart of the City - Antoine-Emmanuel, FMJ

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 10, Issue 1 - Winter 2013

The articles of the Volume 10, Issue 1 of the CRC Bulletin were written by the members of the Theological Commission. This issue looks back at Vatican II, at its implementation and at its impact.

To access the CRC Bulletin, open and download this PDF document: CRC Bulletin - Winter 2013

The main articles are:

Vatican II: 50 Years Later
What Time Was It for the Church in 1962? What Time Was It for the Church in 2012?
It Was a Nice dream...
Vatican II: An Event that Generated Change...
Vatican II: Major Paradigm Shift
Religious Life: Precious Treasure or Ecclesial Necessity
Enlarge the Space of your Tent (Is, 4:2) - Intercultural Formation in Today's World
The Hermeneutic of Diminishment and the Paschal Mystery
"Is... Any Thing so Dear to Us as Hope...?" A Reflection

The members of the Commission wish to be in dialogue with you, the readers of the CRC Bulletin. They encourage you to send your feedback in the form of commentaries, observations or questions that you may have as a result of reading these articles.

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 9, Issue 3 - Fall 2012

This issue of the CRC Bulletin echoes the CRC General Assembly, held in May 2012, on the theme: What Time is it? Imagine!

You will find excerpts of the two keynote addresses, of the outgoing president's report, Mary Finlayson, RSCJ, and of the thematic workshops. This CRC Bulletin offers an opportunity to pursue the reflection started at the General Assembly.

The main articles are:

Contemplation and the New Evangelisation
Vatican II: A New Pentecost for the Church
A Call to Intergenerational Dialogue
Called to Be One in Love
2012 General Assembly: Particpants Share Their Reflections
Thematic Workshops

Open and download this PDF document: CRC Bulletin, Vol. 9, no. 3

We count on you to pass on this issue of the Bulletin to the members of your community.

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 9, Issue 2 - Spring/Summer 2012

The CRC Bulletin, Volume 9, Issue 2, precedes the upcoming 2012 General Assembly. This issue presents a brief overview of the CRC’s major projects, those that have already been accomplished and others to consider for the future. As Yvon Pomerleau, OP, says in his editorial, “from the articles in this issue, it looks like there are several areas of reflection and action for religious life in our Church at the heart of today’s society, in which the CRC is present”.

In this Issue :
CRC Projects: From Yesterday to Tomorrow
Journeying with our Elders
CRC National JPIC Gathering Generates Energy and Hope
Evolution of Religious Life Towards a Universal Fraternity and Internationality
A common Mission
Looking at the Future: Spiritual Families in Action

Open ans download this PDF document: CRC Bulletin, Spring/Summer 2012

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 9, Issue 1 - Winter 2012

Once a year, the CRC Theological Commission publishes an issue of the CRC Bulletin. The volume 9, Issue 1 issue of the Bulletin is on the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini. This document was written two years after the Synod on the Word of God in the Life and Missiion of the Church. The members of the Commissio felt that Verbum Domini "represents an historic step in the emphasis the Catholic Church intends to place on a deeper understanding of Scripture".

In this issue of the CRC Bulletin, you will find a general introductory article followed by valuable reflections on Creation as the Word of God, on Scripture as the Body of Christ, on Proclamation of the Word with Our Entire Life, on Consecrated Life Born of the Word who Sends Us Forth, on the Founding Charism of the Institutes of Consecrated Life as Living Exegesis of the Word of God, on Encountering the Word through Lectio Divina, on Cantillation as a little known path of proclamation of the Gospel in the liturgy and, finally, on Silence as the Word of God. The authors of these articles invite you to pursue the dialogue on this topic by sending them your comments and reflections.

This issue of the CRC Bulletin is dedicated to Anne Murtagh, SCSL. A member of the CRC Theological Commission from 2006 to 2011, Anne passed away on December 16, 2011 while en route to attend a meeting of the Commission. The article Proclaiming the Word of God with our Entire Life his her last contribution to the CRC Bulletin.

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CRC Bulletin, Vol. 8, Issue 3 - Fall 2011

This issue of the CRC Bulletin coincides with the opening of the Durban Conference on Climate Change. The respect of the environment and ecological justice are part of the CRC's priorities as well as that of a good number of religious congregations. The Editorial Committee of the Bulletin has chosen to dedicate this issue to the interdependence of all life. The new cosmology will have an impact on how religious life choose to live their prophetic ministry, and specifically the vows, writes Donna Geernaert, SC, in her article. Our capacity to survive and adapt depends on our connection with all life, adds Mary Finlayson, RCSJ.

In this issue, the articles are:

Living together in Connection with All Life
A Word from the Executive Director on the Challenges Facing the CRC
The Vowed Life: An Audacious Choice
Living the Vows in the Context of Universal Solidarity and New Cosmology
The Prophetic Call to Paradigm Change
Towards a Theology of Reconciliation Between the Roman Catholic Community in Canada and First Nations

Open and download this PDF Document: CRC Bulletin, Fall 2011

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 8, Issue 2 - Spring/Summer 2011

Following the 2010 General Assembly, the CRC Administrative Council adopted specific objectives and priorities for action. This issue of the CRC Bulletin focuses on one of these objectives, that of Universal Solidarity. In this issue:

Love is Stronger than Suffering and Death
International Solidarity... A new Future!
A Need for Solidarity with Haiti
Haiti Emergency Relief Fund
Eyewitness Accounts
: Members of the CRC, who visited their congregation in Haiti after the January 12, 2010, earthquake, recount their experiences, as witnesses to the lives of their members.

CRC Bulletin: Open and download this PDF document.

CRC Bulletin, Vol. 8, Issue 1 - Winter 2011

For over a year, the CRC's Theological Commission has sought to foster a reflection on the mystery of the Church. In the Fall 2010, the members of the Commission shared with one another on this thorny but highly relevant topic. This issue of the CRC Bulletin is the fruit of their reflection. It is hoped that you will send your feedback to the members of the Theological Commission. They want to hear from you.

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CRC Bulletin, Volume 7, Issue 3

Resonating the call of the 2010 CRC General Assembly, President Mary Finlayson, RSCJ, launches a reflection on the urgency to live in interdependence with each other and with all creation. Linda Gregg, CSJ, and Mary Rowell, CSJ, propose a pathway for the possible role of consecrated life in the public debate on the integrity of creation. The other articles of the CRC Bulletin are on: the challenges of welcoming older newer members; the solidarity of religious congregations with Southern Sudan; the life and personality of Saint Brother André.

To download the CRC Bulletin, open this PDF document.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 7, Issue 2

Two words are often used to describe religious life today: intergenerational and intercultural. This issue of the CRC Bulletin explores these two aspects through different experiences lived by religious congregations: the move from one Motherhouse to another led to the establishment of an international community; a bilingual noviciate located in the heart of a multicultural neighbourhood in Montreal; 19 religious communities respond to the needs of immigrants and refugees by establishing the Becoming Neighbours Joint Apostolic Ministry; the sharing of charisms and resources so as to help the poorest in our society; the diversity of secular institutes.

Two other articles are worth reflecting upon: Religious Life as a Mystical-Prophetic Life Form and Why go to Church?

To download the Bulletin, open this PDF document.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 7, Issue 1

Written by the CRC’s Theological Commission, the first 2010 issue of the CRC Bulletin addresses religious life from a point of view of hope and vulnerability. What are the elements of our call in these fragile times? Have we recognized the surprises of the Spirit? Does hope have every possible chance to be fortified in an intergenerational context? How do the biblical story of two brothers, Esau and Jacob, and Paul’s experience link vulnerability and hope? We hope that reading this issue of the CRC Bulletin nourishes your hope and your discussions. Open this PDF Document.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 6, Issue 3

This issue of the CRC Bulletin takes a look at the strengths, challenges and areas of convergence of new and traditional communities. Articles about Aboriginal religion, the exploitation of the oil sands and male deviance complete this issue. Open this PDF document.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 6, Issue 2

Ecological spirituality is the main theme of this issue of the CRC Bulletin. What are its main elements? What does living the ecological paradigm mean for Religious?

In this Issue:

Two 'Firsts' that Challenge Us!
Basics of Ecological Spirituality
The Impact of Ecospirituality on the Lives of Communities
Saving Humans while Saving the Planet
And the creator Grieved

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CRC Bulletin, Volume 6, Issue 1

The articles published in this issue of the CRC Bulletin are inspired by the 2008 CRC General Assembly Declaration. Written by the members of the Theological Reflection Committee, it is hoped that these articles will launch a cross-country dialogue on religious life in Canada. Men and women religious are invited to gather together with members of their local community and extend the reflection started by the CRC Theological Committee. Following these exchanges, they are also invited to send their comments and questions to the Committee, thus contributing to enrich a inter-institutional dialogue.

In this Issue:

A Process... An Invitation
It's All About Hope...
Community, a 'Prophetic Challenge'
Grieve and Be Happy: Living the Beatitudes
Religious Life: Response to the Call of Jesus
Reflections on a Vowed Journey
The Best in the Grace of the Present Day...
For a 'Here We Are' that is Original and Joyful!

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CRC Bulletin, Volume 5, Issue 3

In this issue:
Towards a Renewal of Religious Life,
by Yvon Pomerleau, OP;
Remebering for the Future..., Timothy Radcliffe's, OP, answers to the participants questions at the CRC's 2008 General Assembly;
Roman Instruction: 'Your Face, O Lord, I Seek...', by Roland Jacques OMI;
Associates, Hope for the Future?, by Magdalen Stengler, OSU;
Epitjilaasi - Welcome to the Atlantic Region!, by Francine Cabana.

The Fall 2008 Issue of the CRC Bulletin presents articles on different aspects of religious life: the renewal of religious life, the vow of obedience viewed as a 'path of liberation' and Associates with religious congregations.

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CRC Bulletin, Volume 5, Issue 2

In this issue: Summer: a Time of Sabbath? by Donna Geernaert, SC- Becoming a Eucharistic Community, by Lise Barbeau, SCSL, - Practice of New Governance, a Prophetic Gesture, by Jacqueline Villemure, MIC - Renewing the Christian Cosmolog, by Jean Bellefuille - Living a Politics of Communion and an Economics of Solidarity by Joan Atkinson, CSJ, and Sue Wilson, CSJ - Re-enchanting Consecrated Life by Pauline vertefeuille, SJSH.

In this issue, the articles present a pertinent reflection on consecrated life and on the thoeology of Creation. May you find them to be an interesting and nourishing summer reading.

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CRC Bulletin, Issue 5, Issue 1

In this Issuse: An invitation to Pursue Dialogue; A Story - An Experience of Differences; From Strangers to Kin: Photina and Jesus in John 4:4-42; From Photina to Ruth; Breaking the Bread of our Differences: An Intergenerational Challenge; Learning the Art of Sacred Dialogue; A Good Alliance; Dialogue with Islam; Breaking the Bread of our Differences, In Memoriam.

The Theological Reflection Committee takes up anew the reflection on dialogue. It presents a few models of numerous types of dialogue in which many of religious congregations are already engaged. The present Bulletin is an invitation to Break the Bread of our Differences.

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CRC Bulletin, Volume 4, Issue 3

In his issue: An ecological Spirituality: The Earth and its Sacredness; Prophet Anyone?; Political Action: A Duty for us?; Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue: A Challenge!; From Seeding to Blooming. 
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CRC Bulletin, Volume 4, Issue 2

The Summer 2007 edition of the CRC Bulletin explores the topic of dialogue, one of the priorities of the CRC 2006 General Assembly. Through these articles, the members of the Theological Reflection Committee invite you to share in a process for reflection on dialogue, including the possibility of entering into dialogue with the committee. Four themes are developed: The gift of dialogue; theological perspective; obstacles to dialogue; cultivating dialogue. Open the PDF document.

Erratum: An error was made on page two of the Bulletin. The exact dates and places for the activity Philanthropy? Charity? Social Justice? are: October 23 in Montreal and October 31 in Quebec City. We apologize for this mistake.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 4, Issue 1

Vient de paraître, l'édition printemps 2007 du Bulletin CRC. Ce numéro marque une nouvelle étape dans l'histoire du Bulletin. La présentation graphique a été renouvelée rendant la lecture agréable. Conçu pour le Web, il est facile à télécharger et à imprimer en noir et blanc comme en couleur.

In this issue, we draw your attention to the following articles: In Light of Justice..., A Celebration of Consecrated Life, Speaking Out in Favour of Non-Violence. Open this PDF Document.

CRC Bulletin, Volume 3, Issue 2

Fall - Winter 2006 Issue. Highlights from the Bulletin: CRC President's thoughts on dialogue, an Earth Day celebration model, and news from the JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) field workers.
Open PDF document.