Special Events

JusticeCraft Seminar 2014: Knowledge and Skills for Justice Ministry

Sponsored by the Holy Cross International Justice Office and the Sisters of the Holy Cross, JusticeCraft is an intensive weeklong seminar that prepares participants to lead and coordinate justice activities of religious congregations.

The JusticeCraft 2014 seminar will be held at Saint Mary's, Notre Dame, Indiana, beginning Sunday, May 18, at 7:00 p.m. and concluding Sunday, May 25, at noon. The deadline to register is April 12.

To learn more about our course offerings, and to register, click on this link: www.holycrossjustice.org/pdf/JusticeCraft/JusticeCraft2014brochure.pdf

The interactive sessions focus on: a theology/spirituality of justice ministry; today's critical issues: global economic justice, ecological sustainability, peacemaking and nonviolence; practical strategies for engaging congregations in the work of creating a peaceful, just and sustainable society; and rituals that shape and sustain commitment.

The Sisters od St. Joseph in Canada Summer Symposium

Would you like to deal differently with polarization? Engage conflict in new ways? Learn to live differently? The Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada in partnership with King's University College, invite you to the Summer Symposium: Becoming Agents of evolutionary Change. The Symposium will be held July 4-6, 2014 at King's University College in London, Ontario.

During this symposium, Carter Phipps, Sue Wilson and participants will explore the frontier of what is being called integral spirituality and integral politics. We will explore both the challenges we face in our lives and also the expanded inner consciousness needed to meet them in new ways.

Carter Philipps is the author of the recent book Evolutionaries—Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Ideas. Carter is a leading voice in the emerging “evolutionary worldview” which combines the insights of integral philosophy, evolutionary science, developmental psychology,  the social sciences, and evolutionary spirituality. He is the Co-Founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a non-profit social policy institute whose mission is to bring new insights on the evolution of culture to the arena of politics and social policy.

Sue Wilson is Director of the Office for Systemic Justice for the Canadian Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph where she is involved in research, advocacy, education and activismon a variety of justice issues. Sue has a Ph.D. in moral theology with a focus on social ethics. Particular areas of interest include the dynamics of personal and social transformation, as well as the integration of contemplation and justice.

For detailed information on the Symposium and to register, open this link to the: Symposium Brochure or visit this website: www.etouches.com/ehome/79110 

Discover the Symposium Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/summersymposium2014 

Celtic Pilgrimage

Let the Celtic Landscape of Ireland speak to you... in a special Celtic Pilgrimage offered August 11-21, 2014. Spend 10 days in the ancient Celtic Landscape of Ireland. Breathe in its depths, touch its sacredness, smell its beauty, stand in its richness and solitude and know within yourself the call to fullness of life, sing, dance, pray and be silent. Imagine and reflect in quiet places, ancient cities and sacred sites, that will give you space to know the longings of your own heart and time to let the search for meaning shape the way you live. 

Monica Brown and Hilary Musgrave will facilitate this  pilgrimage that will take you to Glendalough, Newgrange, The Boyne Valley, The Hill of Tara, Jerpoint Abbey, Kildare Town, Kilkenny City and County Carlow, visiting ancient ruins and old burial sites, high crosses, holy wells, medieval cities and sacred places. Through music, song, story and myth, dance, mine, imagery and scripture-storytelling, Monica and Hilary will invite you to listen to your own story in this celtic landscape where you can come home to yourself and to your God.

“Celtic spirituality remains like some hidden spring, a source of life and renewal for us if we choose to turn to it and learn from it…rooted in the simple belief that in all the unspectacular immediacy of daily living—both in the natural world and in daily work—God is close at hand.” 

For further information, open this PDF document: Celtic Spirit Pilgrimage 2014. To register go to the Celtic Spirit Pilgrimage website: www.celticspiritpilgrimage.com.

Workshop on Religious Life: Why be Hopeful

St. Benedict’s Retreat Centre invites women and men religious to the Religious Life: Why be hopeful workshop with Brother Sean Sammon, FMS, to be held April 3 (7:00pm) - April 5 (1:00PM).  This workshop has a twofold purpose:
• By means of presentations, personal reflection and small group sharing to examine the journey that religious life in North America has made over the past 50 years, the challenges facing this way of life and what needs to be done to ensure its viability;
• To help participants understand more fully their own human/spiritual journey during this time of significant change in our world.

The workshop costs are :  Private Room $190; Shared Room $170; commuter $125. The St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre, is located at 225 Masters Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R4A 2A1

For complete details, dowload this PDF document : Religious Life: Why be hopeful Workshop