Spiritual Retreat Programmes

Jericho House 6th Annual Ecology Retreat

The annual Ecology retreat will be held July 26 – July 31, 2016 at 10845 Rathfon Road, Wainfleet, ON, L0S 1V0. The theme is: The Heart of Francis: The Heart of You.

"Already our new Pope is changing the Church, changing the world, changing our lives. He reveals to us the divine beauty of our human hearts - and of all creation. Touched by a new vision, a new way of seeing and of being, we are set free to live more abundantly, more hopefully, more joyfully."

"The facilitator will be Father Daniel O’Leary, a priest of the Diocese of Leeds, England. He is an author and speaker. As curate and Parish Priest, he has worked in parishes for 30 years. For another 20 years he taught Theology and Religious Education at St Mary’s University College in London. He writes for The Tablet and The Furrow."

"The main aim of his retreats, books and talks is to teach what is called the ‘sacramental imagination’, the vision of God’s incarnate presence everywhere which transforms our lives. He himself still struggles to be a free and authentic human being!"

For information and registration, click on the Ecoloy Retreat Poster or contact Jericho House. Phone: (905) 834-0553. E-mail: leadership@jerichohouse.org
Visit Jericho House website at: www.jerichohouse.org

A Thematic Retreat with Margaret Silf: Living God's Dream

This retreat will be held May 31 - June 5, 2015 at Villa Saint Martin - 9451, Boulevard Gouin Ouest, Montreal (QC) H8Y 1T2

"God has a dream! Not a vague and fanciful dream, but a dream of how things can be in our world and in our lives. It is a dream that comes fired with divine passion, and one that invites our personal and collective response, to make it a reality on planet earth in our own everyday living.

During this retreat we will explore what this might mean for us in practice: ‘How can we cooperate with the unfolding of the divine dream?’ We look at how God’s dream is revealing itself in our own lives,  explore some practical ways of discovering where God’s dream meets our own desires, and how we can live it out day by day using discernment. We will also reflect on the call to ‘detachment’, which is an invitation to sit sufficiently lightly to all created things, so that we are free to enjoy them totally if they are available to us, but not lose our inner balance if they are taken away, thus experiencing true spiritual freedom.  The retreat will be guided throughout by the wisdom, and the practical tools,  of St. Ignatius Loyola and we will end by reflecting on our own response to God’s call to play our part in bringing the dream to fullness. No previous knowledge or experience of Ignatian spirituality is required."

"Margaret Silf is the author of a number of books for 21st century spiritual pilgrims, and spends much  of her time ‘on the road’, travelling widely in her itinerant lifestyle. She works ecumenically, across and beyond the traditional denominations and is passionate about making Christian spirituality accessible in everyday life."

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Summer Silent Directed Retreat

The Star of the North Retreat Centre, in St. Albert, Alberta, is hosting a silent directed retreat from July 12 to July 16, 2015. The spiritual directors are: Archbishop Emeritus Sylvain Lavoie, OMI, Patricia Macdonald, Fr. Mike McCaffery and Pat Jameson. the theme is Come to the quiet.

For further information, open and download this PDF document: Summer Silent Directed Retreat 

The deadline to register is June 23.

Jericho House Will Host a Guided, Contemplative Retreat

The theme is Mystics, Visionaries, Prophets – Hildegard, Teilhard & Thomas Berry. Sister Maureen Wild, SC, will guide the retreat Monday, June 29 – Friday, July 5 2015.

Sister Maureen Wild, SC, is a Sister of Charity of Halifax, with roots in the Peace River country and now on the west coast, Maureen lives her spirituality and long time commitment to ecology. For over 20 years her primary ministry has focused on spiritual ecology programs and retreats. Her M.Ed. (’93) focused on new cosmology and earth consciousness.

For further information, open and download this PDF document:
Guided Contemplative retreat with Sr. Maureen Wild, SC

Ecology Retreat with Rev. Harper Has Been Postponed

Fletcher Harper asked to be excused from this summer's retreat - July 7-12, 2015 - as he has been asked to organize a Peoples’ Climate March inRome to coincide  with Pope Francis’ encyclical on Climate Change. He agreed to reschedule in 2016. Save this date:  July 11-15, 2016.

Ecology Retreat 2015 : To Repair the World

A Vision and a Spirituality, a Platform and a Campaign for the Planet  

July 7-12, 2015 with Rev. Fletcher Harper
At Jericho House in Port Colborne, Ontario

Much good work has been done within faith communities to highlight the grave threats facing the environment. Other religious leaders, following the teachings of Thomas Berry, have offered a new cosmology, a moving,mystical vision that points towards human and ecological flourishing.

Now, the time has arrived for a new religious call to action that goes beyond naming problems and offering a new cosmology to articulating a solution to the ecological crisis. To represent a genuinely religious vision, this solution must address both of the dual threats of dire poverty and ecological degradation. lt must lay out a plan, with compelling moral and spiritual energy, for bringing a new world into being - one in which the Earth is healed and massive numbers of good, greenjob s created. And, it must be spiritually moving and practically actionable for faith communities around the world, and provide diverse faith groups with ways they can act publicly to "repair the world" and to press global leaders to do the same.

ln this retreat, Rev.Fletcher Harper, the Executive Director of GreenFaith, will introduce this new religious call to action. ln successive sessions, participants will explore the practical yet radical details for such a plan, touching on issues of spirituality and purpose for faith communities as well as the underlying economic, cultural and political forces that must be engaged. And, the retreat will provide participants with resources and materials they can use to engage their own communities in this work.

For further information and registration form, open this PDF document: 
Ecology Retreat.

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Jericho House.

Jericho House is an ecumenical and inter-faith youth leadership, justice and spirituality centre that welcomes adults and whose primary purpose is to offer education in leadership, ecological & social justice and spirituality. This purpose is enhanced by the Jericho House’s practice of hospitality which creates an inclusive and supportive environment for all visitors.