CRC Media Resources

“Journalism must be regarded in a certain sense as a "sacred" task, to be carried out with the awareness that the powerful means of communication are entrusted to you for the common good and, in particular, for the good of society's weakest groups: from children to the poor, from the sick to those who are marginalised or discriminated against.” Pope John Paul II, Speech to Journalists, June 2000.

The Canadian Religious Conference speaks out on issues which it holds dearly such as the environment, the trafficking in women and children, and the elimination of poverty. Public statements and news releases posted in this section of the website witness to this commitment.

The Canadian Religious Conference's website is an open window on its mission, activities and publications. You will find here a wealth of information, resources and important documents on religious life and its social mission. Journalists, writers, editors, broadcasters, producers, researchers and communications professionals are invited to contact the CRC Communications Service. We will be pleased to respond to your inquiries.