Donation Priorities Service

Mandate of the service:

  • Analyse and evaluate requests for funds made by community and popular groups from Quebec to religious orders from Quebec.
  • Make recommendations on these requests to the donation committees of different religious communities from Quebec.

Funding Streams:

The communities provide support for groups involved in the fight against poverty and participate in social transformation. They encourage groups that promote working collectively, that is, groups who focus on managing the groups themselves. They support pastorally-oriented groups where the link between faith and commitment to social justice is fully integrated. Members value the link between faith, hope and a commitment to solidarity with the poor.

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The Donations Priority Committee was founded by the Social Justice Committee and began operation in January 1980. The following proposition, adopted by the Canadian Religious Conference Quebec section at its 1997 Assembly, provides meaning: “That the CRCQ intensify the development of networks for solidarity between us, with community and popular groups and other partners to counter the dehumanizing structures of our society”. Currently, the Service is a fully integrated part of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation office (JPIC) of the Canadian Religious Conference.