Theological Reflections

Seeing Christianity as a Religion of Evolution and the Implications for Religious Life

An interview with Ilia Delio, OFS, a senior research fellow at Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University where she concentrates in the area of science and religion.

The author of 11 books including Christ in Evolution and The Emergent Christ: Exploring the Meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe,  Ilia Delio, OFS, holds a doctorate in pharmacology and a doctorate in historical theology from Fordham University. LCWR associate director for communications Annmarie Sanders, IHM, interviewed Ilia on how insights and new understanding of the universe and evolution can be interpreted from the Christian tradtion.

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Towards a Theology of Reconciliation Between the Roman Catholic Community in Canada and First Nations

The historic Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (2007) mandated the Government of Canada to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. With this Commission, we are living a time of truth-telling about the history of Residential Schools and a time of reconciliation. It is an invitation to enter into a new relationship built on recognition, mutual respect, sharing and responsibilité. A time of grace! Based on a talk by Marie Zarowny, SSA given at St. Joseph’s Parish, Ottawa, March 19, 2009. A shorter version of this talk was published in the CRC Bulletin, Volume 8, no.3 - Fall 2011.

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Christian Cosmology

Beginning with the tradional theological approach inspired by Platonic philosophy, Jean Bellefeuille demonstrates the need to renew the way we think about the world and our relationship with the universe. This in lignt of the emergence of a deeper vision of biblical cosmology.

This article was published in the CRC Bulletin, Volume 5, Issue 2 - Spring/Summer 2008, under the title: Renewing the Christian Cosmology. Open this PDF document.

Inside Globalization: The Complex Identity of our Institutes...

Summary of the work of the Theological Commission by Fr. José Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, published in March 2000. The documents gives an overview of the present states of affairs, insigths and directions. It concludes that "Globalisation and localization, catholicity and cultural insertion are two great challenges that affect us as institutes of consecrated life."

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Inside Globalization: The Complex Identity of our Institutes