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The Annual National Catholic Mission

The theme for the 2014 Annuel National Catholic Mission is “The Gift of Forgiveness”

This year’s Mission reviews past Missions and looks at how the hurts and cruelties we inevitably experience during the first half of our lives, at school, at home and at work, may be a source of the anger and resentment we feel in our later years. It will offer a pathway to help us rediscover a mellow and compassionate heart.

The National Catholic Mission for 2014 will be broadcast on Vision TV on the Monday and Tuesday evenings of  Holy Week, April 14 and 15.

For further details and local broadcast times, open and download this PDF document: Annual Catholic Mission


ACAT Prayer for Lent

Again this year, the Action des Chrétiens pour l'abolition de la torture (ACAT) has prepared a Prayer Service for Lent 2014. The theme of the prayer is: Long live freedom! ... Long live the resurrection!

Open and download this PDF document: ACAT Prayer for Lent


World Water Day

Water and Energy” is the theme of World Water Day on March 22, 2014.  How might we participate? The 2014 focus encourages action toward improving combined and coordinated water and energy management and governance.

An “Advocacy Guide” and other information is available at www.unwater.org 

Source: Sowing Justice - SCIC and Associates Newsletter, March/April 2014


Development and Peace Share Lent Campaign

The Development and Peace Campaign is about to be launched. "This year’s Development and Peace Share Lent campaign is aligning itself with a global initiative of Caritas Internationalis under the theme of “One Human Family, Food for All”, launched by the Holy Father in December."

Archbishop Paul-André Durocher writes: "Our goal is to share the abundance of God’s creation with our brothers and sisters around the world so that we can end the injustice of hunger and make a place at the table for the poor."

A variety of material and tools have been made available on the Development and Peace website: www.devp.org/en/sharelent2014/materials

Follow the national launch of the campaign on March 5th on  Facebook and Twitter @devpaix.


24-365p.org - A New Website for World Peace

Following the 24 Hours for World Peace Vigil, you are invited to Sign up for solidarity watch 24-365-p! 24365p.org is a brand new multilingual website dedicated to creating and sharing image-messages for world peace:

24365p.org, exists in order to actively pay attention to all the many kinds of distress that are experienced during conflict situations, injustices and exploitation. This citizens’ network without boundaries aims to make known initiatives for resolution, for reconciliation and for peace around the world.

The network behind the 24-365 Solidarity Watch for Peace mobilizes volunteers from different countries by sharing informal, caring and respectful news concerning all peoples in order to include, understand and better get to know the most marginalized or outcast individuals and groups on the planet.

It is important to subscribe via WordPress to share photos showing what is going on in your country or in a community to which you feel connected and to receive new image-messages directly in your e-mail inbox.  To do so log on to  24365p.org and register your e-mail address.


This Week

April 20, 2014: The Church celebrates the Feat of Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

April 22, 2014: Earth Day.

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