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Pope's Message for the World Day of Peace

No longer Slaves, but Brothers and Sisters, this is the theme chosen by Pope Francis for the 2015 World Day of Peace. It focuses on modern slavery and on the need to work together to end the many forms of slavery: "millions of people today – children, women and men of all ages – are deprived of freedom and are forced to live in conditions akin to slavery."

Different forms of slavery are listed: "I think of men and women labourers, including minors, subjugated in different sectors, whether formally or informally, in domestic or agricultural workplaces, or in the manufacturing or mining industry; whether in countries where labour regulations fail to comply with international norms and minimum standards, or, equally illegally, in countries which lack legal protection for workers’ rights." 

A special tribute to the religious congregations who for many years have dedicated themselves to the cause of putting an en to human trafficking and their care for the victims:

"I would like to mention the enormous and often silent efforts which have been made for many years by religious congregations, especially women’s congregations, to provide support to victims. These institutes work in very difficult situations, dominated at times by violence, as they work to break the invisible chains binding victims to traffickers and exploiters..."

"The activity of religious congregations is carried out in three main areas: in offering assistance to victims, in working for their psychological and educational rehabilitation, and in efforts to reintegrate them into the society where they live or from which they have come. This immense task, which calls for courage, patience and perseverance, deserves the appreciation of the whole Church and society."

Pope Francis concludes his message by inviting States, Intergovernmental organizations, businesses, organizations in civil society to put an end to this scourge. "I invite everyone, in accordance with his or her specific role and responsibilities, to practice acts of fraternity towards those kept in a state of enslavement." All are ask "to forge a new worldwide solidarity and fraternity..." 

Link to the message: http://w2.vatican.va/


In Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

December 12, 2014: The National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples has been celebrated since 2002 on December 12 by the Church in Canada.

"This year and next, as we join our Bishops in reflecting on the pastoral challenges for the family and its needs and role in evangelization, the members of the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council wish to honour elders who helped them develop their own faith."

Read their testimonies published on the CCCB website: 
National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

Source: Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB)


Call for Prayer

On December 1-12, world leaders will try to agree on the fundamentals of a climate change treaty in Lima that will guide the 2015 Paris climate talks.  If we are to stop climate change we need a strong meaningful agreement that everyone can commit to.  Lima is where our leaders have to “nail down” the fundamentals of the agreement.

When world leaders come together, they need to know that we are holding them in our thoughts, meditations and prayers.  Each evening from December 1-7, households and communities around the world are invited to light a candle, or solar lamp, and pray, meditate, or offer an invocation for a climate agreement. On Sunday, December 7, from 8:00p.m.-8:30p.m. worldwide, people from diverse faith and spiritual communities will gather for public vigils. 


Year of Consecrated Life: Message from Msgr Parent

"At the approaching outset of the Year of Consecrated Life, which will be on the first Sunday of Advent (November 30, 2014)," Msgr Parent, Vical general of the Archdiocese of Montreal, welcomes "with great joy this gift of a favourable time."

In his message, he writes: "My heart is filled with recognition for the immense work that has been accomplished by the people of consecrated life. They have contributed greatly in building Quebec, Canada, and, in particular, the Archdiocese of Montreal."

Msgr Parent pays a "special tribute to the communities that came from abroad, especially those from France, and also to the numerous groups of consecrated life founded in Quebec and, in particular, in Montreal."

Link to the message: 


WACC Launches Online Video Series

WACC has launched a section of its website featuring short video clips on key themes related to communication rights. Called WACCTalks, they are intended as discussion starters or as part of more in-depth presentations with the aim of highlighting important aspects of global, regional and local debates.

The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is an international organization that promotes communication as a basic human right, essential to people’s dignity and community. Rooted in Christian faith, WACC works with all those denied the right to communicate because of status, identity, or gender. It advocates full access to information and communication, and promotes open and diverse media.



Your Money or Your Life!

The CRC JPIC Team shares its thoughts on the TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project.

The fundamental question to ask ourselves is: "Do we need to exploit the oil sands at this time? Do we need to do so to the point of having to abandon all of Canada's greenhouse gas reduction targets? To the point of contributing to climate changes that could deprive us of our current quality of life in a few decades?"


CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 3 - Fall 2014

The Radical Welcoming of the Other is the central theme of this issue of the CRC Bulletin. This theme was chosen as a follow-up to the CRC 2014 General Assembly.

In the editorial, Sister Rita Larivée, SSA, states that "the CRC 2014 General Assembly challenged us to intercultural living and summoned us to navigate cultural boundaries for the sake of mission in our world today. Fr. Anthony J. Gittins, CSSP, emphasizes that invitation to and inclusion of community members from cultures that are not our own are not enough for today; we must arrive at radical welcome of the other within our midst."

To access the CRC Bulletin click on this link:
CRC Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 3 - Fall 2014


New Release: Living with Limits, Living Well!

Living with Limits, Living Well! Hints for Heighbours on an Endagered Planet is produced by the Jesuit Forum for Social Justice and Faith.

Written by: William F. Ryan, SJ and Janet Somerville with Anne O'Brien, GSC and Anne-Marie Jackson.

"Living with Limits, Living Well! is a popular-style workbook for small groups to engage on the interconnectedness of spirituality, ecology, poverty and inequality."


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